Tuesday, Three Things I Hope To Do This July

A brand new month means a whole lot of blank calendar spots to fill up and London has lots of newish things to offer this July, so here are some things that are I want to see and do.

Visit SCOOP aka London’s Ice-cream Museum
SCOOP Is London’s newest museum dedicated to the elixer of life also known as ice-cream. New York has one so it was a matter of time before someone came up with the brilliant idea to sprinkle up our lives. It promises vintage artefacts, glow in the dark ice-cream and an homage to the Godmother of ice-cream: Agnes Marshall. I can’t wait.

See the James Cook exhibition
The British Museum has had some of my favourite exhibitions in the last few years and I don’t think their new one on the expeditions of James Cook is going to disappoint. I mean, it includes the earliest European depiction of a kangaroo, maps charting his voyages and diary entries. Anchors up, man the starboard guns and set sail for the British Museum.

Zipline in London
Last year I came across a zipline on Brighton’s beach, but it didn’t impress me much. Now there’s one in London and I think it’s scary as hell, but ever since going on the highest swing in Europe I’m getting better at conquering heights…I think I can do it..I think. The only thing that keeps me from booking a ticket right now is that I think I’ll get scared halfway, close my eyes, miss the views and waste £25.

What’s on your July wishlist?

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