Tuesday, Three Travel Would You Rather

I feel like I’ve gone through all the possible travel-related ‘would you rathers’ here and here already, but I recently came across these three gems for today’s mini edition.

Stay in a palm hut along the seashore for seven days OR stay in a log cabin in
the woods
for one month?

A log cabin in the woods! I’m might be a bit skewed right now as I recently saw the fantastic film Leave No Trace, though I prefer my stay in the woods to be legal and my days with some light green gardening and a walk here and there and my evenings with red wine and a book. And can I request a lake near my cabin.

Would you rather jump out of an airplane OR explore the bottom of the ocean?

Without a doubt I’d rather jump out of the plane, actually 10 planes if needed! This Pisces doesn’t love the idea of getting too deep into the ocean as it just seems claustrophobic and not needed for me – and even the enigmatic duo of Wes Anderson and Steven Zissou can’t change my mind. Which is stupid as it’s a whole new undiscovered world out there, just not for me.

Have an unlimited money for RyanAir only, OR a £7,000 for British Airways?

A few years ago I would have chosen unlimited money for Ryanair flights, but today with limited holidays I think I prefer a flight that brings me close to my destination with a little bit of more comfort. Not that BA is what they used to be when I started flying with them but at least their luggage rules are clear. For now…

What would you rather?

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  1. I definitely agree about the BA thing, sometimes it just because a chore with cheaper airlines!