Real Life Devil May Cry 5 Locations in London

Until its fifth entry, Capcom’s Devil May Cry series has always played a bit fast and loose with where it was actually based, with allusions to Europe, the US and more in the many entries. However, with Devil May Cry 5, they firmly laid their cards on the table. This high-octane action-adventure game sees the unstoppable Dante, Nero and V battle a huge cast of horrific demons across lots of urban locations you might stop and say – wait I recognise that…and you’d be right – DMC 5’s Red Grave City bears an uncanny resemblance to the UK city of London!

Upon closer inspection, there’s a lot of the UK capital that Capcom has taken to craft their hellish nightmarescapes, and I’ve been casting my eye upon the most famous places you can see and visit in both game and real life. You could actually do an interesting tourist itinerary of the places that appear in the game, with lots of places you’d hit up on a standard tourist tour of London.

Real Life Devil May Cry 5 Locations in London

So here we go, the real-life locations and the ideal Devil May Cry London Itinerary:

Tower Bridge – The game kicks off with a big battle atop an unnamed bridge, which is a dead ringer for the famous neo-Gothic Tower Bridge, complete with a red bus.

Piccadilly Circus –  Soon after the bridge fight, you face the bright neon adverts of Pawn’s Avenue, complete with a fountain, just like Anteros’ real-life one.

St James’s Park & St Pancras Hotels – Take a luxury stay at the rather grand Il Chiaro Mondo Hotel, which may seem rather like the stunning St. Ermin’s Hotel and St. James’ Court hotel, as well as the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel.

Westminster Abbey – A huge Goliath boss fight takes place in and around a giant Church…or could it be the famous royal church in Westminster?

Graffiti in Brick Lane – London has graffiti art galore, but the DMC examples in particular look like the ones near The Trueman’s Brewery in Brick Lane.

Borough Market – A giant boss fight takes place in the abandoned market of Burrow Market, but the real life one, Borough Market, is rarely empty!

The Tube/London Underground – The huge underground train network is a great place for demons to hide, and DMC5’s use of their ‘Metro’ is a great idea, though I don’t know which is worse, swarms of commuters or demons! Interestingly enough, the ticket machines remind me most of National Rail (not Tube), specifically those at Victoria Station.

The Natural History Museum and Royal Albert Hall – The designers seemed to have mashed up these two closeby South Kensington museums and tourist staples and it definitely works! The interior also looks like one of the many floors of the Natural History Museum itself.

Leadenhall Market – This small section of the game has a London-esque shopping arcade much like this impressive one in the City, but with a bit of Milan’s Galleria Vittorio thrown in for good measure.

Admiralty Arch – This grand Neoclassical arch landmark in Trafalgar Square is the gateway to the Mall and Buckingham Palace, but this arch seems to be keeping the demons in!

Shad Thames – Right next to Tower Bridge is the historic riverside street Shad Thames, with its industrial warehouse roots, with cobbled streets and iconic connecting walkways.

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