Visiting The Andy Warhol Exhibition Post Lockdown

Visiting The Andy Warhol Exhibition At Tate Modern

What is a visit to Tate Modern like post lockdown? I read that half of the British public isn’t comfortable heading to museums or exhibitions post-lockdown and I get it. But wanting to catch the Andy Warhol exhibition sooner than later I booked the tickets and gave it a go.

All visitors need to book a timed ticket online in advance and the day before your visit you’ll receive an email reminding you of the new guidelines (masks on, no cloakrooms, pay by card only and a one way system) and re-directing you to the Turbine Hall entrance.

Inside Tate Modern’s Andy Warhol Exhibition

From there it was very efficient during queuing and staff will also remind you to have your mask ready. The guidance marks were all clear and the staff (in masks or visors) helpful whenever you looked a bit lost.

There are one-way routes around the building, guiding you towards the various galleries. As I went around opening time it was easy to keep distanced. The Warhol exhibition space itself did not have a one-way system at the time of my visit (8 August).

The Andy Warhol exhibition itself was a bit basic, especially it being marketed as a retrospective. The exhibition is broken down into 12 rooms representing different eras. With the exception of the Factory, Back To Work and the Last Supper Room the pieces didn’t particularly shine. But for hardcore fans, I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

The Silver Clouds room was meant to be an interactive room where the metallic silver balloons floated around you, but due to restrictions they were fixed to the ceiling. And the room that was supposed to give you an impression of his multimedia shows was closed. I imagine these would have been their two wow spaces so the rest was rather low-key.

Visiting Tate Modern on a Saturday morning in August was interesting and very peaceful. Look at the Turbine Hall! The numbers are definitely kept low, but as my time slot was 10 AM I don’t know how it would be later in the day.

The exhibition is on until 15 November. Not making it to London this summer? Or not feeling comfortable going out yet? You can also take a peak virtually.

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