The Not So Very Ultimate Japan Packing List

Packing List

I love reading packing lists, hope you do too, because today I am sharing my ”very basic packing list for 10 days in Japan”, but because I wanted to bring it to the next level I added a bit on what worked for me, what didn’t and the one thing I should have brought with me … read on.

packing list japan

This are the clothes I had with me. In case you can’t read it:
blue shirt                    denim jacket
striped shirt               green cardigan
grey shirt
jumper                        day dress
                                     evening dress

other black shoes     other black jeans

socks                              on the plane:
undies & tanks          black jeans
pj                                  black shirt
tights                           b/w cardigan

I managed to fit my clothes, a pair of shoes and toiletries in a suitcase and it was just over 11 kilos – the allowance was 23 kilos (take that RyanAir) so I had more than enough to spare for all the must-have treasures I had to bring back with me.

I knew I could wash my clothes halfway and I don’t have that many comfy daily wear clothes (See how I even didn’t have to specify which blue or grey shirt? That’s how much I own) so I only packed four of my favourite shirts and two jackets/cardigans so I could mix and match. And the weather forecast was changing as often as the cast in a shitty d-list soap opera so layers were important. ‘Other shoes’ were initially meant to be Converse chucks but since my pair isn’t really waterproof anymore I packed a pair of brogues.

I ended up wearing everything, but what wasn’t really necessary? Well, the evening dress wasn’t THAT needed, I only used it when I went for a drink at the Park Hyatt, but jeans and a nice shirt got you in too. Plus they get rid of everyone who doesn’t want to pay a cover charge by 8 PM so the place looks perfect for guests and people who can afford the place.

The comfy jumper and cardigan I wore on the plane could have been one of them.

And what’s that one thing you totally should have packed? A pair flip flops … which could have been handy on the very hot day where my feet begged for some open shoes. Message to self: always pack flip flops. Maybe more socks. You can never pack too many.

What’s your packing ritual?

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  1. Great post! You seem so organised compared to me, I usually just chuck any clothes I can find into a suitcase and I’m off. I should start list making for when I next travel though, it seems like a great idea.