Places to Visit According To My Sponsored Instagram Posts

I’m always curious about what I get targeted with on Instagram and I’m starting to see it as another way to discover new destinations. During lockdown, it was mainly life and business coach adverts that were sent my way, but then slowly, bit by bit, the travel ads started popping up:

Visit Azores – Yes, please! The Azores have been on my list for a while now, and I was once about to buy £60 pound tickets, but then I checked and the weather was going to be horrible. I do hope to visit it in the future for a hike or two, and to check out the abandoned hotel and the tea plantation.

LNER – Good old LNER wants me to book tickets and travel with them. Though I do want to visit a few places on the LNER line, my two trips with them were awful and unless I’m desperate I won’t be taking the LNER again.

Visit South West UK – I always thought it was a hassle to get to by public transport and travel locally from place to place, but I saw The Cosy Traveller do it and now I’m thinking it’s doable. But maybe keep it for when the weather gets better.

Human Forest – This is one of those e-biking rent companies that’s taking over London. Since it’s currently only in Islington it’s a bit limited, but once they are all over the city I’m sure I’ll try out, if only for the free 20 minutes ride.

Copse Cabin X GPF – Oh how I’m itching for a night or two out of London in a little cottage or cabin filled with walks around little villages, followed by board games and one-pan pasta dishes. Copse Cabin looks amazing, but is a bit far for me to get to.

Visit Hampshire – Eventually yes, because I want to have been to all of the UK counties, but Hampshire is not on top of that list.

Visit Denmark – Probably the number 1 European country I want to return to. Last time I visited Copenhagen, but next time I would love to see the Mons Klint, visit Kronsburg Castle and a Viking Museum.

The Grand Brighton – Looks cool, but if I’d to stay overnight in Brighton again, it would be back at the rather special Artist Residence.

Sussex Modern – Yes! There is actually one place on their list I’ve been meaning to go forever, but now I’m seeing the list I can definitely plan a whole weekend around it. The only downside is that it looks like you need a car.

Yas Island Dubai – I’m not sure I’m the target audience for this one. The only thing I’d want to do in Dubai is an afternoon tea at the Burj, which I can do if I have a stopover there.

The Hoxton Hotel – The ad promised to give you £100 spending money if you booked a £199 stay in … Paris or Amsterdam. I thought the Amsterdam location had a rooftop swimming pool so I almost booked it back in August, but I found out it didn’t just in time.

Visit Estonia – I only spent less than 24 hours in Tallinn and would love to see the rest of the country. So yes! One day I want to do the Baltics the slow way – instead of rushing through them in 5 days.

The Gainsbourough Bath Spa – I was set to go to a spa on the week of the lockdown back in March. The Gainsbourough Bath Spa looks amazing, but if I’d go to one, it would be a local one so I don’t have to deal with too long a trip.

Visit Bermuda – Yes! Bermuda has been teasing me with their special visa offer for working remotely, but sadly it’s not applicable for me. I would love to visit  the island one day to see Horseshoe Bay Beach, go into the Crystal Caves and walk the Railway Trail.

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