October – December or Things I’ve Been Doing While Abandoning This Blog

Happy New Year and heeellow 2018! Before I start spoiling you with new content let’s look at what I was up to in the last 3 months of 2017. Spoiler alert: actually not that much.

Been there
Mexico: Cancun – Vallolidad – Tulum – Isla Mujeres: to eat tacos and look at rocks that the Mayans left us.

Done That
I finally made it to Mexico! I had just over a week to see what the Yucatan region was all about:

  • The food guys! The food! We can all agree that visiting a new location is all about how many meals and snacks you can fit in between all the other activities and it did not disappoint. The variety in tacos, quesadillas and salsas was beyond even my high hopes – the overall winner had to be Antojitos La Chiapaneca in Tulum, mainly because of the giant salsa table with every topping imaginable.

  • Vallolidad was everything I wanted and more, from checking out to colourfull buildings to cooling down in nearby cenotes (underground caverns) and evening walks in the park – even the schoolband that practices their Christmas show until 3 AM outside the hostel had its charm.
  • And then there was the magnificent Chichen Itza – you can read the high and lowlights here.
  • I still don’t know what to think of Cancun itself – one day I might share the story on how I looked death in the eyes not once, not twice, but three times while in Cancun…
  • I have read and seen so much of Tulum on blogs that I had the feeling I already kind of been there and it all sounded amazing on paper but apart from above mentioned tacos I didn’t really feel it… though the swings do get you a lot of IG likes.

I wish I could hibernate through the winter months, but as that’s not too healthy I managed to make something out of the cold and wet London days and I:

  • did the Underground Tour that I had been trying to get to tickets for forever – LOVED IT
  • drowned my tastebuds in a cheese fondue – why did I wait this long!?!?
  • kicked off the first section of the Green Walk – more like a grey walk, but that for another time
  • saw lots of movies – Thor:Ragnarok being a absolute highlight and Justice League the ultimate lowlight
  • made it to The Kitchens in Spittalfields – two thumbs up for the mezze and steamed tofu buns
  • peeked at the Geffrye Museum before they close for refurbishment – great if you love peeking inside other people’s homes
  • checked out the Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret – such a little gem and I can’t wait to share more soon

Bucketlist Moments?
Seeing the amazing Chichen Itza, finally getting one of the Underground Tours AND eating Tacos and Quesadillas for a week without getting sick or bored of it. Check, check and check.

As if an 8 hour hour flight isn’t bad enough, mine came with a really really loud little neighbouring passenger. It would have been understandable if the kid was in pain, but the tears were just for attention, and it only zipped it after it got what it wanted.

Missing out on tickets for the Harry Potter exhibition. By the time this self proclaimed fan found about the exhibition the weekend tickets were long gone and I’m not sure I can justify taking time off work for it! Thankfully I caught a documentary on the whole thing, so hopefully that can hold me off for the moment.

What do you have planned for 2018?

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