24 things I’m NOT buying in 2024

One of the 23 for 2023 things I did this year was declutter two thousand and thirty-three items. It was quite a journey and I learned a lot from it. 
The main thing I learned was that I can stop buying a lot of things and I thought I’d share 24 things I don’t need to buy in 2024, either because I have enough to last me some time or because I threw so many things away because I just don’t use them.

This will hopefully inspire me to be more intentional with future purchases and avoid wasting space, money and the environment. 

Stationery & Craft Supplies

Notebooks: Notebooks are my weakness which means I’ve ended up with a certified stockpile of them. From now on, I’m keeping only the nice quality ones that will realistically take me 3-5 years to use.  

Washi Tape: My Japan trip resulted in enough washi tape to last at least two years and probably go around the globe a bunch of times. No more until I return!

Hobby Items: I consolidated pandemic hobby supplies like yarn, fabric, and art tools. No need to buy more until I use up my current stash.

Pens & Highlighters: Thanks to years of travel and work conference schwag, I’ve collected quite the stash and don’t need anything for a while.


All The Vintage Finds: My weakness for secondhand vintage skirts and dresses has led to some questionable “maybe” purchases. I found over 10 unworn ones while decluttering this year!

Thought Socks: My go-to brand just doesn’t hold up anymore. With multiple pairs now rather holey, I should find a new brand before restocking.

Snag Tights: I’ve had a similar issue with Snag. I don’t know if it’s me or them, but so many had holes in them and I had to declutter. I can’t keep spending money on something like that.

Handbags: On holiday I often leave a vintage shop with a handbag if I can’t find anything else. I’ve found 6 that I had forgotten about and really need to stop bringing them in. 

Self Care & Beauty  

Skincare Minis: I saved a lot for travel, but they end up sitting unused and I end up not taking them with me. Who am I kidding? Why would I start using them on holiday when I’m not using them day-to-day? 

Eye Creams: I tossed expired tubes half-used because I always forget I already have some. One opened tube at a time from now on!

Nail Polish: 90% went in the bin. Turns out most were dried up and I barely paint my nails anyway.

Bobby Pins: I found 3 full packets, apparently I need them once in a while I can’t find them and then buy the new pack. The 3 packs should last me a lifetime.

Vitamins & Supplements: I keep getting new ones with good intentions and they don’t always end up being used. Use ’em or lose ’em.


Tea: I buy a lot of different tea flavours, but only drink 4 of those in my day to day life and I really need to get the tea cupboard emptier before I buy new ones

Wine: Another of those things that enters my kitchen far more than I could ever drink, so no need to get stocked up in the next year. Dried Chickpeas: Despite multiple attempts at cooking dried chickpeas from scratch, I’m back to the canned version. Tastes just as good to me.

Other Dried Goods: One-off bags of orzo and pearl couscous linger after occasional recipes. I don’t need to get new ones as I don’t use it


Plant Grow Bags: Did I lose multiple orders and reorder…twice? Yes. But I now have enough grow bags stockpiled to last ages.

Other Gardening Supplies: Over the years I got carried away with overbuying seeds, tools, and fertilisers based on optimistic growing plans I read. I feel I have a routine now and don’t need all that to grow. 

Wrapping Paper: My wrapping paper addiction has led to a stash I should use up before allowing myself new rolls.

Candles: I love all the candles I have and need to use them up before I buy more. No more keeping for special occasions.


Travel Adaptors: Years of travelling has resulted in a drawer full of adapters that should meet future needs. I have decluttered the extras.

Packing Cubes: In an effort to stay organised when I travel, I’ve tried many versions but keep defaulting back to my original ones. I don’t need any other brand.


Amazon Subscriptions: I kept forgetting about subscribe-and-save items like hair dye after my needs changed. Time to prune those forgotten auto-delivers.  

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