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Friday, Five Most (Annoying) People I’ve Encountered on my Flight

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I like to believe that I am the perfect passenger: I won’t make you stand up because I have to go to the toilet or to get something from my bad, my music isn’t too loud, I don’t sleep so I won’t lay on you and I won’t hog your armrest. Unfortunately not everyone got the memo, but on the bright side … my flight to Amsterdam did inspire me for a post about the types of people that were on

The Eager To Talk Guy
There is a bubbly and eager to talk guy on every flight. By the time you are boarding he has chatted to half of the passengers. He will tell you what he is doing, where he is going and what he hopes to see and he will try to get the same out of you. And he even won’t get the hint when you put your headphones in…all you want is just another drink.

The Well-behaved Kid
We never talk about the well behaved kid, so today I would like to put little Timmy in the picture. He has his own little trolley, but manages not to annoy anyone, he didn’t whine “but whyyyy” when his mom told him the boarding will happen a bit later, has a colouring book (I didn’t know they even made those anymore) and replies with a please and thank you to the flight attendant. Well done, Timmy. His sister on the other hand…

The Demanding Woman
She seemed friendly at first, but she then turned out more demanding than a Tiger Mom, is the kind of person who will ask for three coffees before it’s the right taste. I felt me and my fellow passengers wanted to put together our air-miles to give her an one way upgrade to the first class.

The One With The Cold (at least, you hope)
Why are people who sneeze and cough for the whole duration of the flight even allowed to fly? For the whole duration of the flight I had to allay the tiniest part of my brain which dreamt up a story that he was returning from a new virus epidemic hotspot (Pigbola?)!

The Businessman
I was on a British Airways flight (which ended up remarkably cheap) from ‘City Airport’ which is near one of the financial centres. There were businessmen who looked at each other with a ‘remember-when-this-was-just-for-businessmen’ look. They are the ones that are on their Blackberry until the flight attendant comes over and begs them to turn it off and they’ll will sigh over and over as soon as someone just as little as breathes. Sorry, but you are not Richard Branson.

What is your least favorite type of passenger to sit next to?


I’d Do Anything For Travel (But I Won’t Do That)

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To me travelling is all about going out there and hitting the unexpected, but there are certain things that I won’t do or things that just aren’t for me.

Swim with dolphins, ride/bathe an elephant, pose with a koala are just not for me. I’ve heard all the excuses: “But this is a place where animals are treated well”, “These elephants have been saved from a horrible place and all money goes to the elephants”, “the dolphins can go to the sea, but they prefer to come here”, but I just can’t believe that and it just doesn’t feel right to me.

It’s not that I have fear of heights and I sure do love an adrenaline kick but I don’t see how you can get that out of bungee jumping. People really pay big money to do that? It doesn’t look comfortable and I can’t imagine you get much time to enjoy the view really.

This might change by the time I hit 50 and don’t care about anything, but for now I wouldn’t book an all-inclusive-holiday to a sunny destination. Especially if it’s in a resort where it’s not safe to go outside and mingle with the local people. For now I like planning and figuring things out myself.

Disaster tourism is another thing that bothers me, it’s obviously fine if you are passing the place or want to pay respects. But disaster tourism just to see the damage is not really ok.

I mentioned this in my regrets post, but I have to repeat – Go on a 10 hours bus ride because I can save a twenty extra on a hostel. When I was 20 this was ok…but I learned that taking the night bus to save money is not worth it because I can’t sleep on the bus. This makes me cranky and mad and tired and means I will enjoy the city less, even if it’s wonderful.

Fly all the way to Thailand, then try to get to one of those full moon parties, throw away my money on whatever there is to get and wake up barely remembering anything. Because look I am not 18 anymore. While we are taking about Thailand don’t get me started on ping pong shows.

I don’t think I’ll take photos of locals or orphans. You know the Lonely Planet style portraits of people in exotic countries that will secure for 100 of likes on social media? I just feels uncomfortable to me – maybe because I grew up in the Balkan war and we often had photographers who came to our village to take photos of people. I remember them trying to lure us out with sweets and I felt used in a way. I don’t want anyone to ever feel like that.

I am not planning on going to the Middle East via Turkey to find myself.

Do you have any travel-dont’s or things that
just aren’t for you?


Bloggers Cake School with Konditor & Cook

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At my office everyone is always looking forward to birthdays and other occasions involving cake (in my mind – this should be any event!) because we get our cake from Konditor & Cook (if your office doesn’t do that…then you are doing something wrong). So when Nuffnang invited me to their Konditor & Cook’s Cake School I couldn’t turn down a cake-related occasion – involving cake itself!
But Tea, you might wonder, why is this of any interest to me? Well it turns out – a cake decoration class is a great idea for a day/evening out – take for example my friend who was in London last week and who yawns at any cultural things like museums and galleries, but loves anything food related – this would have been perfect. K&C offers different classes with everything from sponge to decorating, biscuits and brownies.
Back to last Wednesday: once me and the bloggers behind

Artcream, Hecticophilia, Wonder To Wander , Not Quite Enough, A Cup Of Tea With Mrs B , It Is Sweet Chili, Chopstick Panorama and Bloomzy 

were assembled, our teacher Laura introduced us to the wonder world of piping bag folding and filling with icing. We then practised different decoration techniques; Laura made it look so easy, but I soon learned there is so much you need to keep in mind for the perfect figure – keeping it at the right height, plus you need some serious muscles to press the icing. Laura gave us some tips and tricks in between like how to make a flower, a Chanel bag and even a little Nemo.
After this, we got to decorate a round biscuit – I adorned mine with letters and figurines; then a heart shaped one – I  tried to make a German style Lebkuchen; and finally a gingerbread man – I went for a bearded man, though the beard looked a bit like spaghetti, so it was probably more a messy spaghetti-eating-gingerbread-man.
And last but not least we got to decorate our own Curly Whirly (K&C’s signature cake). Though I originally had a Van Gogh masterpiece in mind, I decided to go abstract and went for a Jackson Pollock design with bright colour splashes. Not sure if it was my skills, but at home the cake was welcomed very warmly and finished very quickly!


Friday, Five Random Snapshots of This Week

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetThe photo above was snapped at #BloggersCakeSchool by the lovely folks at Konditor & Cook and the equally lovely Nuffnang. Keep your eyes peeled for the full post and expect a LOT of cake.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetA friend from the Netherlands came over for a little visit and as always when he visits it revolved around food! Which is no bad thing in my book. We embarked on a food trip around the world – our first destination on our culinary map was DF Mexico in Brick Lane on the Friday.

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In between the bites was time for a few cultural trips – you can’t come to London without visiting Tate Modern – enjoying both the main hall, the art galleries and the rather good view from its bar.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetOur food travels ended on Sunday with this uber delicious blueberry cheesecake magically contained within a jam-jar at All Star (also in Brick Lane). It was painfully good , but I recommend you share it, because I think it weighed more than a bowling ball!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetSpeaking of which, we did manage to do some bowling after all of the food (just!)!

So that was a snapshot of my week. How was yours?