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London - Seen & Done

Awesome Things I’ve Seen & Done in London That You Should Do Too

seen done london

Every 2/3 weeks I am sharing some things I’ve seen and done in London, the things that I liked that you should do too.

seen done londonHEMA – (pronounced as hey-mah) is a Dutch discount store that is loved by many. It used to be one of those things that I missed from home (together with cheese and feeling safe on a bike). But as of August this year I didn’t have to any more because they opened in London (and planning to take over the rest of the UK – in the mean time you can get your Hema stuff from the web shop ).The chain is known for its low prices and they offer everything from housewares to notebooks to make-up and tea, most of it is made by and for the chain itself so the designs are original. You won’t find food and clothes in the UK stores but if you are near Victoria Station make sure to check out the store.

seen done london
Abeno & Abeno Too
– are one of the few places that you can eat Okonomiyaki in London. Okonomiyaki are Japanese style cabbage pancakes, that are actually nothing like ones we like to toss around in our kitchen.The idea is that you choose your favourite toppings, then they make it in front of you. They have the traditional flavours as well as other interesting ones. So if you are an okonomiyaki fan or would like to try something else from Japanese cuisine then this place is for you.

seen done london
Camden Town photo-booth
– I generally try to avoid Camden Town as much as possible, but there are a few things I still head there for. One of them is the Photomatic photo booth located on the ground floor of Camden Lock Market. If you are visiting Camden (which you kind of have to on your first/second visit) make sure to stop by and pose at the photo booth. And for three pounds is makes a better souvenir than your average key chain.

seen done londonBrixton Village – with this weather covered places with a roof are always a good destination, and when it comes to markets Brixton Village is the place to be (step aside Borough Market). A few of my favourites are the burgers at Honest Burger, whoopsies cookies at Ms Cupcakes, your not so usual pizza’s at Franco Manca and great Mexican food at Jalisco.There are also places where you can get bread, meat, fish, vegetables, greens and other things you find at markets these days. What are you waiting for? Hop on the southbound Victoria line, cross the river and check Brixton Village out.

seen done londonMuseum of London – hidden in a bit of a concrete maze is this hidden institution. Though it’s much less talked about, it’s still a must visit if you want to know the history of the city. Like most museums in London the permanent exhibition is free of charge and you a great over view of London from Roman times to what the city is today.

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You know you’ve been in London when …

London Londra Londres Londen
You know you’ve been in London when …
You got one of those classic phone booth photos and you look scared on all of them because the awful smell surprised you
You had a hard time figuring out the underground system and when you finally find the right line you realise you are on the wrong direction
Camden Town was one of the highlights of your stay and you queued to see what Cyberdog was about
The photo you took at Platform 9 3/4 is now your Facebook profile photo
It’s your favourite city in the whole wide world
You sat down on the stairs at the Anteros Statue at Picadilly Circus and watched everything go by
You have at least one Union Jack souvenir that you treasure
You have no idea what the announcers on the underground are saying
You took a ride on double decker bus and when you sat in the front you felt so British
You’ve been yelled at because you stood still on the left side of the escalator
You had overpiced ‘high tea’ and believed it was something the British do everyday
You were tricked into eating at TGIF, Aberdeen Steakhouse or Bella
The prices at Topshop were higher than you expected so you settled for Primark
You went to all four floors of M&M World
You fell in love everytime you heard someone speak … because ‘ohemgee that accent!!’
You posed in front of Big Ben for the perfect photo and you were that person that blocked the path
The only kind of shopping you’ve done at Harrods was window shopping
You been to a musical – extra points if you’ve been screwed over by one of those ticket sales booths in Soho promising you the best seats for a cheap price
You were disappointed you didn’t run into Tom Hiddleston and he magically took you on a special London tour
The only celebrity you actually have seen was at Madame Tussaud’s
You took at least 1500 photos on your first day, of which 400 were on the London Eye
You promised the city you would come back again and again and again


Wanderlist: Celebrations and Festivals Around the World


Today I am sharing my celebrations and festivals around the world Wanderlist. All the Thanksgiving related posts in my Bloglovin list made me think of celebrations and festivals I’ve experienced, as well as the ones on my list I’ve still yet to enjoy.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetThanksgiving – I see all these photos with delicious food and happy family times. I love pumpkins, I love pie, I love cranberries and I love family gatherings, so I think this one is for me. Sure I’ve had fake Euro Thanksgivings but even the hosts admitted it’s just not the same. Anyone inviting me for Thanksgiving 2015?

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetDias de los Muertos – I know day of the dead has been glorified outside Mexico, but I want to see how it is in the country itself. I like how the holiday focuses on gathering family and friends together to remember and honour the deceased. They celebrate that the deceased return to their homes back on earth to visit and celebrate with their beloved ones.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetMidsummer – decorating your house, braiding your hair, dancing around the May pole to celebrate the longest day of the year in Sweden … it has Tea written all over it. Who is putting forward their summer cottage for Midsummer 2015?

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetLa Tomatina – There is just something about running down the streets of Bunol and throwing and ducking for tomatoes. I like to think of it as two teams against each other: one shouting ‘tomato’ and throwing at the other team who claim it’s ‘tomato’. Hell of a playground. Yes, let’s schedule this for August 2015 … or June 2015, where the Colombian spin-off takes place in Sutamarchán.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetYi Peng Latern Festival – this lantern festival in Chiang Mai, Taiwan celebrates the cleansing of evil and disease from the town. People decorate lanterns with wishes off into the sky to let others know that the town was safe. One week after the official Yi Peng ceremony there is a lantern release for tourists and it’s only accessible for people who bought for a ticket in advance.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetHoli – In the recent years every self-respecting city organised a colour festival, but it just doesn’t speak to me. For the real experience (the one where people look at you because you are not covered in coloured powder instead of the other way round) you have to be in India.


Have you experienced any of these? And what celebrations are on your list?


yes, no, maybe: Stockholm edition


Stockholm is a perfect fall/winter destination and I’ve put together some yes, no, maybes for your amazing experience.




The Swedish have a word for meeting up in a coffee shop and drinking a beverage while having a pastry/cake: Fika (fee-hak). And you should do this in one of the many coffee places the city has to offer. Try one of the kanelbulle or kladdkaka along with a hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate for a perfect pause at any time of the day.

Gamla Stan (Old Town) – with its little alleys and cobble-stone squares, this is a very charming area of Stockholm. It’s where the city was founded in 1252, making it one of the biggest and best preserved medieval areas in Europe. It is one of the busiest tourist attractions in Stockholm, but don’t let that turn you off.

Skansen is an open air museum where you can walk around for a few hours and see how the Swedish people lived before the industrial era. Definitely a yes if you want to know more about the local history.

Everyone seems to speak English perfectly which is always a plus.

Kottbullar, or Swedish meatballs as we know it, are a million times better than those at IKEA, and you can’t leave the country without having a plate. Kottbullar come with mashed potatoes and lingonberry sauce.

The Vasa Museum is home to a giant preserved seventeenth-century warship – unsurprisingly named ‘Vasa’. But what was surprising is how detailed it all was – the museum focuses on life on board, how it was built, how and why it sunk and how the ship was lifted and restored. I found it fascinating.

2Kronor Vandrarhem is in my top 3 favourite hostels I’ve ever stayed at, and has everything I ask for in a hostel: good kitchen, free wi-fi, great beds and showers with perfect water pressure.



I am not a big fan of the high prices. At first I thought it was a stereotype thing, but it all really adds up. For a city trip it’s a good destination, but if you are more of a budget traveller you need a bigger daily budget for Stockholm.

The sun sets earlier than I am used to so the days might seem shorter. This doesn’t mean your day is over, but personally it makes me a bit disoriented and tired when there’s quite a few places to still visit.

The metro system is a bit confusing at first. I got out at the right stop, walked out,didn’t recognize anything and figured out that the exit I was supposed to have was about half a kilometre further away. The metro stations are actually amazing, a piece of art that make waiting on the platform a treat, not an punishment.

The wind is really unpleasant. It cuts through four layers and was probably my least favourite thing of the city.

I do love a good Ryan Air deal, but the almost two hour bus ride to and from the airport and the bus costs add up. Be sure to compare the prices to the main airport Arland before you fall for Ryan Air.

Talking about airports … Stockholm Skavsta is one of the saddest airports I’ve seen.


Unfortunately I did not have the time to check it out, but the ABBA museum is something worth mentioning. Apparently there are a lot of costumes, history, music and interactive exhibits. Ever dreamed of joining ABBA on stage? At the museum you get a chance at that!

If you don’t like hostels and you don’t mind being a bit outside of the city centre then Marriott Kungsholmen might be for you. Keep an eye on the offers and you might find a good deal. They do a mean breakfast buffet.


Things I Would Blog About If I Had A Fashion Blog

fashion-blogger (1)

Every Wednesday I would post a Wishlist Wednesday with the most sought-after items I’ve laid my eyes on. On Twitter I would try to get the brands’ attention by using their handle. Bring on those freebies!

Obviously I would devote post after post to the Alexander Wang for H&M collection. Because you know … he is a God and can’t do anything wrong.

I totally would blog about that one time I found this & Other Stories shirt for just 6 pounds at TK Maxx. Or maybe not … not sure it’s ok for a fashion blogger to get last season’s clothes from there.

Solange’s wedding outfits? Here you would find an in-depth analysis of her and Queen B’s outfits.

Because I obviously LUV my readers I would set up lots of giveaways. To even make a chance to win you would have to follow me on Instagram, do a Twitter shout out, like me on Facebook, follow me on Pinterest, and like the post on Bloglovin. Don’t forget to comment.

Ever since I laid my eyes on this cute Petit Bateau dress I made hundreds of outfits in my head. It’s a perfect dress for one of those one dress > seven outfits post. Of course there also would be a Pinterest board devoted to it.

That Duoboots event that took place last night? You would read a blog on that now.

I am not sure I would like the furry coats fad that is going on now, but would definitely jump on the hats and oversized cardigans bangwagon and post-inspiration Lookbooks.

An arm candy photo with a rose golden watch and a lot of bracelets would be the most liked photo on my Instagram.

Alexa Who? She is so 2013. My fashion inspirations would be fellow bloggers like Lisa Olsson with her Scandi meets edgy meets chic style.

A lot of Zara related posts. And as a true fashionista I would combine my vintage finds with Zara.

The capsule thing? Definitely would try that and fail big time. Then devote a blog on what I learned from the process and why it’s not for me.

I would have a ‘Buy My Closet’ tab where readers can get my last season clothes. The two seasons old River Island things would be marked as vintage.

My outfit of the day shoots would take place in the coolest London locations, I would perfectionise my deer in the headlight look and filter every photo to hide any unevenness. And because I can’t choose I will most probably post 20 of the same shots.