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Seen & Done Japan

Times I Felt Like a Tourist in Japan

tea was here

When I arrived at the airport and skipped the squat toilet telling myself I was “too tired to aim.” Maybe I need more target practice…

Whenever I had no idea where I was or how to get somewhere because everything was in Japanese characters and no one understood my crappy pronunciation. Sadly, it wasn’t as cute as it’s portrayed in Rom-coms.

Being one of those annoying people and pointing and talking English or Dutch in the hope they will understand something. Maybe if I just say it s…l…o…w…e…r or LOUDER will help?

Keep this one a secret….that one night I switched rice and noodles for taco and avocado and had Mexican food. Like oh em gee! How dare I eat something different than the country’s cuisine?

When the Ghibli exhibition was only in Japanese. Though ‘cute’ is of course a universal language, it still would have been great to have some written context.

Whenever I was a baaaad tourist and stood on the wrong side of the escalator or stairs. In my defence: it changes per station in Japan.

Walking around with my DSLR and posing in front of tourist (and non tourist) attraction.

When not sure if you can use the train with your ticket, use it anyway and tell yourself that you can use your being stupid tourist as an excuse, plus act cute, rather than rude.

“English menu o onegaishimasu?”

Being the only ‘Western’ people in a place, possibly in the neighbourhood. It’s like wearing a police siren which shouts ‘FOREIGNER FOREIGNER FOREIGNER HERE! LOOK!.

When I picked something that looked like yoghurt and it turned out to taste nothing like yoghurt.

Seen & Done Japan

Awesome Things I’ve Seen & Done In Tokyo That You Should Do Too: Asakusa

Asakusa is where I spent the first day and night in Japan and you’ve probably heard of it as it’s one of the most touristy bits of Tokyo. But according to pretty much every guide this is the area where you want to go to if you want to see temples and the more traditional parts of Tokyo. The mix of old and new (yes I know that’s a clich√©!) was actually pretty interesting and I enjoyed wandering around. 1-0 for the guides. Here are some things I’ve seen and done that you might find worthwhile. read more