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Polaroid Photography 101: Tips & Tricks

polaroid photography tips

Polaroid cameras. Whether you’ve encountered one in a street market, stumbled over several in a dusty attic, or braved eBay to purchase them, you’ll more than likely need a helping hand to navigating the world of vintage technology, films and general know-how for these famed instruments.

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polaroid - Tea Was Here

Tea Was Here

Would You Rather: Travel Edition // I’d Do Anyting For Travel – But I Won’t Do That //  24 Random Facts About Me // Wanderlust Tag // Why I’m Your Worst Travel Buddy // Packing Mistakes I Made And Keep Making //


polaroid - Tea Was Here

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Don’t go to Amsterdam without reading this first

amsterdam polaroid

Awesome Things I’ve Seen & Done In Amsterdam You Should do too // Things Not To Do In Amsterdam //  Must See Museums In Amsterdam // Quirky Things To Do in Amsterdam // The Failed Amsterdam Experiment // Four Things Not To Miss In Amsterdam

polaroid - Tea Was Here

Dordogne Valley, France

Don’t go to the Dordogne Valley without reading this first

dordogne valley polaroid

Salut From Dordogne // The Most Beautiful Villages Of France // Beyond The Capital: What To Do In The Dordogne Valley