Awesome Things I Saw & Did On A Cabin Getaway

Unplugged Koya Cabin Tiny House

Last week I finally went on my mid-week digital detox getaway. Where else other than an escape to a tiny house surrounded by meadows, chickens and woodlands?

Unplugged Koya Cabin Tiny House

Unplugged Koya Cabin Tiny HouseOne 1-hour train trip, 10-minute taxi ride and 5-minute walk from London I was able to lock away my phone and start getting used to new sounds and making friends with the local hares, pheasants and birds.

Lots of walks
I thought I’d do one walk and then get tired or bored with the surroundings, but in the end I did one or two walks each day ranging from 10 km to 22 km walks orienteering using an actual map, rather than Google Maps and hoping I took the right turn. I loved the different sceneries the area offered: from vividly bright rapeseed fields, to woodlands overflowing with bluebells and white blackthorn hedges in full bloom.

Cooking…and eating
Of course, lots of walking makes for a hungry Tea! The nearest supermarket was a 1.5 hour walk away, so I took just enough for three camping-proof lunches, breakfast and dinners and stuck to it, which was hard as I don’t like to follow meal plans. In the end I did a bit of freestyling by adding in eggs I got at a local farm. Next time I book something like this I need to bring the ingredients to make s’mores on the fire.

Taking the time

To start the day, to brew coffee and tea and light the fire to keep the cabin warm. I had brought a book, a crochet set and a notebook, but in the end I didn’t need it and I just did a bit of ‘niksen’ – which is the Dutch art of doing nothing. Taking the time was something I did at the very first lockdown and kind of forgot recently, so I think the main takeaway from this trip was that I need to do that more. Especially with having to go back to the office soon.

Do you have any trips on the horizon?

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