Virginia Water Lake: Day Trip From London

At Virginia Water Lake you’ll find a circular lakeside walk and nearby paths that transport you to enchanting woodlands, peaceful meadows and winding paths full of colourful flowering trees. All of this under one hour from London – not bad at all.

Within a few steps of entering the place you’ll begin to see great tree-lined lakeside views that reminded me of stunning sceneries I’ve seen in Austria, Germany and Slovenia. The walk around the lake is about 6.9 kilometres and you’ll come across an intriguing selection of trees, flowers and dogs. Lots and lots of dogs.

The Valley Gardens, situated on the north side of the Lake, are an attraction in themselves, and offer a range of botanical gardens which I think easily compete with Kew Gardens, especially as it’s for free!

What’s more? A man-made cascade waterfall, a huge totem pole gifted from Canada and the ancient ruins of a Roman City that was ‘gifted’ to the Prince Regent.

Virginia Water Lake is part of Great Windsor Park in Surrey. Trains from Waterloo whisk you there in 40 minutes, while it’s only 25 minutes from Clapham Junction. From Virginia Water Station to the Lake itself is another 25 minute walk.

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