The Travel Blog Posts That Never Were

Once in a while when I’m stuck for inspiration I end up on one of those blogs that dispense blog topics you should write about. So I pick a few that seem interesting, write out a breakdown and then realise I’m too straight to the point and can’t even reach 200 words! I don’t want my golden answers to go to waste so here is a good old listicle…

How to Fit Everything in a Carry On – Roll your clothes, get packing cubes and if it doesn’t close a bit of violence may be called for.

What’s In Your Camera Bag – Camera bag? You mean my tote bag where let my camera and extra lens swing around? And extra battery if I’m feeling daring?

The Ultimate Paris Packing List – You mean the extra two t-shirts I packed during my 36 hours trip back in April? I’m the last person you should take fashion advice from, but I can tell you that whatever top you pack make sure it has stripes.

10 Tips on How to Save For Travel – Why 10 when you only need one: over the years I’ve tracked my average daily holiday spend so I just multiply that amount by my vacation days and divide by 12, this way I know how much I need to set aside every payday. I always calculate a bit extra, but in case I need a bigger budget for a more expensive destination I would look at cutting expenses like skipping on eating out, lunch take-away and going for drinks.

How to Plan a Trip with a Big Group – Ignore the emoji-filled Whatsapp groupchat until someone with actual planning skills steps up and volunteers.

polaroids london

Best Photo Spots in London – London is photogenic, so literally anywhere as long as you don’t stand in the middle of the road and in the way of people trying to pass by.

How to Book the Cheapest Flights – I don’t want to be that person that advises you to book a 6 AM flight from a regional airport 3 hours from your home just to save £30.

What posts do you have that you can’t seem to finish?

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