Stamp This! Travel bloggers’ Passport Stamp Stories Part VI

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I must confess the last Stamp This post is so old that it included a Pokemon Go reference, so it was about time that I invited travel bloggers to share the special stories behind their favourite passport stamp.

Enjoy their more than stamp-worthy tales!

No Longer Native | Danielle

I’ve always loved traveling but on the other hand, I’ve always liked coming home too. I just wasn’t the kind of gal who loved living out of a backpack for weeks on end. It makes sense then that I married my opposite, someone who was always dreaming of an around the world trip.

That’s why this stamp—a two-year Colombian visa—is my favorite. It represents a leap we made together into the best of both worlds. We both got adventure and a life outside of our comfort zones, but we were able to put down some temporary roots as well.

The funny thing is that since moving abroad, I’ve learned that “home” isn’t a fixed place. I can feel at home in my apartment just as much as when I’m floating between hostels and traveling with no plans. For the next couple of years, we’ve settled in Madrid, Spain and I’m already getting excited about what is coming next.

Our Escape Clause | Jeremy & Kate

It’s hard to pick a favorite passport stamp–we tend to fall in love with each and every single new one we get (except for the boring EU style–wish they would step up their stamp game!).

One of the favorites we keep coming back to, though, is Thailand.

Not only was Thailand the first country in Asia we visited, making the stamp have sentimental value, it’s also objectively pretty: they used brightly colored blue and purple ink, the stamps are clear and vibrant, and best of all–they’re not rectangles!

I know it sounds silly, but there’s something about an unconventional stamp shape that really makes us smile–it adds something whimsical to the collage of passport stamps on a page.

For that reason, Belize and Cambodia are among some of our runner-up favorites.

All of us who collect passport stamps know the joy of seeing a new stamp on the page–and that when it’s a pretty, vibrant stamp that sticks out from the crowd, it’s the tiniest bit more fun to receive! | Dianna

August 29, 2017 at 7:00, I remember standing at passport control in the Reykjavik airport. With my heart beat racing, I was extremely nervous handing my passport over. This was my first time flying alone. All the way from Chicago, I was now in Iceland for a layover on my way to my final destination in Kalmar, Sweden. This brief meeting between the control officer and myself was quiet. I was preparing answers in my head to a range of questions about my travel, especially since I flew with a one way ticket. About a minute and a half later and zero questions, she handed my passport back to me. I walked away (with the biggest smile on my face) and opened it up to find my very first stamp. This moment changed my life.

This stamp is very dear to me because it symbolizes a turning point in my life. At 24 years old, I had just finalized a divorce, quit my job, sold all my belongings, and made the decision to live a life overseas. The entry stamp to the Schengen Area from Iceland allowed me to continue to pursue my dream of living in Europe. Do you understand why I was so nervous now? Without this specific stamp on this date, my life would have taken a turn I wasn’t prepared for. Looking at this page in my passport now reminds me of the endless memories I had in Sweden, some of the best times of my life.

Thanks for sharing your stories. 

What is your most precious passport stamp or visa and which one would you like to add?

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