This City Is A Vintage Shopping Walhalla

vintage shopping manchester
Now I know Manchester is famous for Joy Division, Manchester United and Coronation Street, but no one mentioned how many brilliant vintage stores the city has to offer! I am always on the hunt for vintage shops – and began my city trip with just one recommended place to visit – but as I headed into the Northern Quarter I noticed more and more great examples. My curiosity won me over and I had to go in to see what the fuss was about and have to say that they did not disappoint.

vintage shopping manchester
COW – Cow is the newest and largest vintage store in Manchester. It reminded me of a vintage equivalent of Urban Outfitters (UO) with their space, set up and selection of clothes. You can probably understand that this means you get the accompanying UO-style higher prices though.

vintage shopping manchester

RETRO REHAB- Then there is Retro Rehab, the store I was originally headed to: It’s a cute boutique which vintage clothing afficionados swear by on Oldham Street. They had a £5 and under sale when I was there and I even managed to find something for £1 – does that even get you a soft drink anymore? If you’re a retro-queen – this is your kind of place.

vintage shopping manchester

DEEP – This vintage shop looked like what you expect of a vintage store circa 2014. Similarly to other stalls and stores, you can get some great finds in here. Good thing is that you don’t have to dig around to find everything, as the store is laid out really well. You can browse through the rails with ease and in a way that you know where to find everything. So basically, it’s your average vintage shop.

vintage shopping manchesterRYAN VINTAGE – When I think of thrift shopping, I think of stores with racks of one-off pieces of clothing. It’s a last resting place for clothes and that’s what you’re going to find. I should add that this is not a bad thing if that is the style you go for and it was really busy in there. It’s one of those places where you have to dig through rack of clothes to maybe find something. But the upside is that it offers pretty cheap clothes and they had a wide range of 80s wedding dresses.

7 thoughts on “This City Is A Vintage Shopping Walhalla

  1. Misha

    I would love the check out some vintage shops like these, as I very rarely find anything nice in the average charity shop. I’ll definitely be checking these out if I find myself in Manchester!
    Carpe Noctems

  2. Anca

    I’m sure I could find so many vintage pieces for me in there! Tough decisions will have to be taken!

  3. Sarah

    I’m so glad I found your blog – I think I’ll be losing a few hours to it this morning! I’ve just moved to Manchester and I’ve fallen in love with the city, especially its vintage shops. Roaming around the Northern Quarter is my favourite way to spend an afternoon 🙂

  4. Sheelagh

    Liefde voor vintage shoppen!Ik vind het heerlijk om rond te neuzen (vooral in de UK) maar ik slaag helaas zelden…

  5. Lucy

    I love vintage shopping London has some fantastic hidden treasure favourites have to be the ones on the Kings road. Oxfam always have some great buys. Manchester looks like it has some great hidden treasures too thanks for sharing Lucy x


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