Is The Dubrovnik Cable Car Worth It?

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Before I tell you about all of the awesome things I’ve seen and done in Dubrovnik (on my sixth time there!) I want to talk a little something about my least favourite thing I have done: the cable cart up to mount Srd.

Don’t get me wrong, the view is gorgeous, but it was such a mishmash of nothing that it just didn’t sway me (to be fair at least the car didn’t sway too much).

How long is the Dubrovnik Cable Car ride?

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The tickets are around €27 for a quick return trip skyward or €15 one way. The three-minute travel time to the top is the main selling point, but we all know that for complete satisfaction three minutes isn’t usually enough time to work with, right? Plus, being crammed in with 25 people doesn’t help the mood either, unless you’re into that kinda group thing.

Dubrovnik Views

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When you reach the summit, everyone runs up to first viewing point to snap away, before realising the panorama is ruined by the cable car lines, though you can try and crawl down the rock face to work some magic angles or just throw a Go-Pro down the hillside to pick up later.

As you wander around you realise there is nothing really up there. There is an amphitheatre where you can sit down to watch your life go by. When I say amphitheatre I am not talking about something like Gladiator, but it was soulless and a bit corporate – more a place where a company books it out for a tacky Christmas party. There was a dune buggy safari adventure if you wanted to get your Mad Max on – but I didn’t see a hunky Tom Hardy leading the tours so it didn’t win me over.

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I didn’t get to have a bite at the restaurant up there, but a passing party of lads (I hope they were drunk) were shouting: ”Lets go to this place because the waitress has one nice ass.” So I’ll leave that there.

And what’s with the gift shop selling monkey sock puppets? Was this hill where the first monkey sock puppet was invented? I haven’t had time to confirm, but I think they must rely on delirious sun stroke victims buying them mistakenly. But at least they had a stand with local adverts for other restaurants, just so you think about somewhere to escape to.

The fort up there wasn’t too bad actually, but you can see a lot of fortresses in and around the city, and this one didn’t stand out too much. The Museum of Croatian War of Independence is interesting if you want to know more about the 1991-92 war. But considering the theme it’s not an uplifting experience.

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I just wish I’d had more time and dragged myself and my ass and walked up to the hill so at least it would have been more rewarding and the spare money could have got me sugar drunk on a bucket of pistachio ice-cream. Speaking of sweet – the best bit was seeing the joy in a little girl’s eye as she jumped the queue to gaze down on the city as we descended.

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  1. I’m not personally a big fan of cable cars but I do love a chair lift, except for the part where you have to get on and off as that seems like a risky business to me. I have no idea how people on skis manage it!

    I prefer a monorail. Boo to Sydney who recently dismantled theirs, especially as the city is huge, hilly, and not especially walkable.

    I just wanted to say I loved this post enormously. 🙂

  2. The night before we went up in the cable car our taxi driver advised that we walk back down so we did that. It was good because we got some better views and also there were a couple of bunkers left over from the war which were interesting to see.

    There was also a really great restaurant about halfway down which is apparently really popular with locals – they do a hog roast although we were a bit early for that.

    The only problem with walking back was that the last mile or so we had to walk along a road back into Dubrovnik which was a little hairy at times!


  3. I’ve never been on a cable car; the view still looks amazing though.
    I would definitely much rather hike than pay money to be lifted up there, because while you’re young you can still do that!