Goals For The New Year: My 22 For 2022 List

It feels weird to say it out loud, but in a week or so, it will be 2022! And with a New Year, of course, comes new goals.

Just like in 2020 and 2021, I’ve put together my must-do list of goals for the upcoming year, and I hope they can prove useful and inspire you with your own aims for 2022.

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Charing Cross Underground Access All Areas Station Tour

When I got a newsletter saying Hidden London was doing tours again I splashed out another £42 and ended up going for the Charing Cross Tour: exploring what’s behind the doors of the former Jubilee Line platform. It did not disappoint!

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Christmas in London To Do List

Stuck on what to do during the festival period? Well, here’s what I’m going to be crossing off my list this Christmas.

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One More ’21 For 2021′ Update

December brings us another 21 for 2021 update! These are the goals I set myself in January to do through the year, and, I have to say, I’m quite proud of how many I got through…

Bake / Cook 10 Items From My List – And that’s all done! The last item being a pumpkin pie from scratch. After seeing all the pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving I decided it was finally time. I have to say I did surprisingly well on the crust, considering it was my first try. Next time, I need to add more spices.

Sell Some Clothes – It’s been 5 items so far, but that’s 5 items that now have a second life somewhere in the UK.

Do the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge – I completed one round in Spring and am doing another one this month. I have to say this round is much easier as the Charity shops are now open so I can donate a lot of items. Last time I mainly focused on items that I could recycle.

Digital Detox One Weekend A Month – all done for the year. You can read in this post what I learned about it and what it has brought me. For my 22 for 2022 I want to extend this and maybe even bring it to 2 weekends a month.

Do Four New Walks For My South East Project – Done, done, done and done! Just need to update the post I’ve written about it. It has been a hit and miss as not all places have a nice green space, but it was fun exploring the stops on the London Blackfriars – Sevenoaks line.

Watch a Movie Set In Every Country I Have Been In – I only added three more movies since my last update and am nowhere near the 37. I might extend this one to 2022 as I’ve been enjoying exploring the international film scene.

Get A Refurbished Phone – I planned on getting one once things opened up again. But on my side, things haven’t opened up as much and I can still make my current one work if I bring my external charger with me – which is the greenest solution so far. I’ve done all of the research, so once the time is right I can go for it.

I can’t be too strict on myself, so I’m going to say I didn’t do too badly this year. I might carry over a few goals that I haven’t been able to do because of the current situation and draw a line under the rest.

What goals, big or small, do you want to shout about that you achieved through 2021?


Taking the Eurostar from Amsterdam to London: What To Expect At The Eurostar Terminal

Eurostar Terminal Amsterdam London Central Station

Taking the Eurostar between London and Amsterdam is the least stressful and most pleasant way to travel! I’m so happy that they now run direct trains back to London. Eurostar now takes you directly from Amsterdam Central Station to St. Pancras International Rail Station in just 3:52 hours.

Eurostar has been running direct trains from London to Amsterdam for a few years now, but for the return journey passengers always had to change trains at Brussels to go through a passport check. Now that the Eurostar Terminal in Amsterdam is finally open, you no longer have to change in Brussels.

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Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch Exhibition @ Studio 180

With a new Wes Anderson film comes a new exhibition at Studio 180 on the Strand. For the release of Isle of Dogs they showcased many of the film’s intricate miniature sets and offered up a Japanese ramen canteen. For The French Dispatch, they’ve gone bigger and bolder: with not only props, costumes and artwork but also life-size replica sets from the film you can walk around in and get lost in. read more