Things I Lost / Left Behind …

lost - left behind
…and still miss

My favourite pair of pyjamas at a hostel in Sarajevo

I think I must have left my common sense behind more than once

Several chargers because I did not triple check and assumed I had packed them

The friends I made when I lived abroad … every time I wished I could sneak them back to my home country

Money on useless tours, unnecessary buys and exchange rates

Photos and videos because either the memory card gave up or my hard drive decided to commit suicide

Books because I finished reading them and had to make space in my suitcase

Too many toothbrushes

Bracelets and necklaces I took off and just forgot

About three jackets because the zippers broke … I really need to work on quality clothes

Or on exchange/atm rates. They are not making it easier for us

My nerves

The trust in Easy Jet, China Southern Air, and sometimes in humankind

My Joy Division t-shirt (yes the one with all the waves) at a hostel in Dublin

Another dearly beloved shirt and a pair of jeans I left in the dryer in Melbourne

Jumpers because they magically did not fit in my suitcase (even though I did not buy anything)

And last but not least, my heart to several places

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  1. I love this list, and can definitely appreciate it. I’ve lost so much stuff as well. At the same time though- gosh, look at all we have gained! And the things and experiences we have gained can never be lost.

  2. Oh my gosh! The amount of travel adapters I’ve left in hostels is silly! I always end up buying a new one for every trip I go on! Such a waste really. And leaving clothes in the dryers that take hours and are still never quite dry enough or dry as cardboard when it’s done. Grr. x

  3. I’m so surprised you’ve managed to remember so many things you’ve lost! I always forget in the end. I do lose so many toothbrushes and flannels though – such a pain!

  4. I have so many things that I left behind too but I guess things come and go to make room for new ones. 🙂

  5. your posts are always so quirky and comfortable (if that makes any sense at all)! They always brighten up my day, as you are such a fantastic writer with a natural touch of humour, yet you still manage to make people think about life and social issues. AMAZING post (as usual of course).
    Marianne xx

  6. Ahh…the last one… losing your heart to several places…very touching and so true. The most difficult one to retrieve I guess. Sometimes revisiting isn’t the same as the first time.

  7. Haha awesome. When I was traveling Australia I kept leaving my towels in the bathroom hostels, only realising when I’d gotten to the next place. Same happened with shampoo during my last Euro trip. People are the worst though…

  8. Great post! I always “idiot check” before I check out of a hotel, but neverless whilst working away a lot this year I’ve managed to lose my favourite pair of stripey leggings, 2 mini-hot water bottles, an H&M star scarf, and a little bit of my sanity! Thanks for following, Jo x

  9. Chargers is high up there for me, books I always leave when I have read so another can enjoy them. I really enjoyed reading this bought a smile to my face. Where are the places you have left your heart? Keen to find new beautiful places Lucy x

  10. Beautiful post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Especially the last sentence “…….my heart to several places” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!