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Peckham Pelican

As I was sitting down on this rainy Sunday, sipping on my cup of Was Here tea, scrolling through photos on my phone and reminding myself of those that didn’t quite make it to the blog … and so, a new post was born … I present to you the ‘out-takes’ of the past few weeks:

London tipsFor a decent mouthful of okonomiyaki in London, or if you like what you see on the photo, then head to Abeno (the Great Newport St. branch). You might have to wait during rush hours, and it can be a squeeze it and a tad costly, but the taste and variety of ingredients is worth it.

London TipsI did the Quirky London Tour and filled my brain with a ton of fun facts about Soho and its surrounds. Do you notice anything unusual about the car? You might read more about it sometime this week.

You know when you see a cool graffiti and try to take a snap and this happens?

Vegan interior.

London TipsI recently switched employment and with a new job comes a new location and new spots to make your favourite. I now realise how spoiled I was in Brick Lane. This place in Angel is the first gem I’ve discovered and it’ll soon be featuring in an upcoming Awesome Things I’ve Seen & Done.

My top pick for Mexican food in Brixton. I often see Mexicans at Jalisco and guess that means they are truly authentic…or they just have their family over all the time because they give them free food!

Peckham PelicanSome more food at the Peckham Pelican. On top of the top grub, the Earl Grey gin & tonic is to die for and I wish it was acceptable (health and socially) to have one everyday.

Some weekends I like go explore a museum. Royal Academy currently has some interesting exhibitions going on, but these stairs are all you need to know about.

But I prefer the The ‘Steel Clouds’ sculptures in the courtyard. They go well with the sky, well a blue sky at least…

Sundays are for farmer markets to stock up on fruit and veggies! 14 year old me is laughing at me now, but one of my favourite things to do is discover the finest vegetables, cheeses, organic breads, cakes and other fresh products (14 year old Tea says ‘yuck! and ‘loser!”)

What have YOU been up to this weekend?

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  1. Lots of food! En okonomiyaki ben ik buiten Japan nog niet tegengekomen. Ik dacht dat je in Brussel alle keukens wel had, maar Londen is toch echt een stapje groter 🙂

  2. I do posts like this too! I just do them once per month and I call them “Behind the Scenes” posts. I like the title you chose though, it’s much nicer. I just posted one today, actually, so I was pretty delighted to see yours because I’m actually loving the whole… stuff that didn’t quite warrant a blog post but still existed thing A LOT. Your photos are gorgeous. I haven’t had okonomiyaki in years; I really should get the stuff to make some!

  3. I love this kind of posts, because they feel so authentic and fresh!

    Every Saturday morning I shop everything I need for the week as far as food is concerned and most of them are vegetables. I really enjoy it, since I feel that’s pretty good for me and my health. My younger wouldn’t believe that!

    Best Regards,
    Angelina Stroumpouli

  4. Twelve year old Marianne would never touch half the things I eat now, and one year ago Marianne would laugh at the thought of being vegetarian. Right now Marianne loves this post and found it hilarious (what a surprise!) 🙂