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Dordogne Valley

Beyond The Capital: What To Do In the Dordogne Valley, France


With the Behind the Capital posts I put the spotlight on the places beyond the capital cities. Do you ever gaze at those £9.99 offers on budget travel websites and wonder what the hell one can do in places like Trieste, Gdansk or Brive? Last time I gave you the low-down if you’re flying to Eindhoven and what happens in Brabant.

Today we’re talking about Dordogne Valley in South West France.  When visiting France, most travellers make a beeline for famous cities like Paris, Nice or Cannes, but some of the country’s dreamiest holiday destinations are actually the tiny, little-known towns and villages. If you don’t believe my word for it: Lonely Planet named Dordogne as one of the best of Europe 2017 destinations, so if the holy book of travel says it … it must be worth it (of course Tea’s recommendation is better right?) read more


6 Ice Skating Rinks To Visit in London

ice rinks london

Guys guys guys! It’s that time of the year where ice rinks pop up like crazy and thousands of Londoners and tourists alike flock to them to enjoy pirouetting, dancing or (more on my level) skating around in a circle or figure of eight. There is no better way to experience the season than skating in the fresh air and enjoying a fresh cup of hot chocolate afterwards. Of all the wonderful places to do this, the best known is without a doubt the rink at the Natural History Museum, but more than enough options are available for the Christmas season. So grab those skates and check out one of these rinks + an exciting new ice related activity read more