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Here Is What You Missed From the Good Grief, Charlie Brown! Exihition

Didn’t make it to the Good Grief, Charlie Brown! exhibition at Somerset House? Today I thought I’d give you the lowdown on what you could have seen.

Whether it’s Snoopy, Charlie Brown or Peppermint Patty, we’ve all identified with the Peanuts characters at some time or another.

For me, it was learning it’s ok to have a no-nonsense attitude a la Patty and that it’s perfectly acceptable to cry whenever you feel like bawling your eyes out, just like Lucy.

So with this in mind, when I heard my favourite riverside arts hub was putting together a selection of the best of Schulz and Peanuts, I knew I had to be there as soon as I could find my comfort blanket.

The first space included background info on creator Charles M. Schulz, focusing on his background sketches, interviews and props that inspired some of the comics – like his old ice-skates, planners and his surprisingly simple drawing tools and equipment.

Next up was a time line with what influenced his stories and how he influenced us. There was a set of letters that led him to introduce Franklin the first African American character, popularising the concept of a security blanket and LOTS of merchandise.

I loved learning more about the characters, stories and moments that have inspired children and adults for generations. I think I was always too focused on Snoopy and Woodstock because it didn’t occur to me that the comics covered themes like feminism, war and mental health. Which might be the reason why they don’t seem outdated at all.

In addition to all the info and comic displays there were interactive elements, such as a cinema room filled with bean bags to be lounged on while enjoying the cartoons, light boxes with stencils where you got to trace and create your own comic and vast selections of compilation comic books that you could read.

Overall, Somerset House managed to pull off another great exhibition, giving fans and newcomers alike a chance to step into the wonderful world of creator Schulz and his Peanuts squad. Sadly the exhibition isn’t traversing the world, but if you’re ever in Santa Rosa in California, the Schulz museum is probably the best place for a slice of Peanuts.


Five Quick Travel Photography Tips From A Pro


While the photos I take on this blog aren’t always the best, I pride myself on at least trying a bit when I take them on my travels, especially when I bring my overpriced DSLR with me. But I wanted to get a real award-winning photographer’s opinion the best tips to get those “must-see shots” and give us an all a cheat sheet to maximize those likes…

Patience. Like A Lot of Patience
The key word for all photography is patience. If you have a preference for shots unblemished by bus loads of tourists, be ready to wait a long, long, long time for that tiny window of opportunity when everyone is suddenly gone and you can snap for 30 seconds if you’re lucky.

Timing Is Everything
One way to ensure a peaceful shoot is to set that alarm clock super early and get yourself there before everyone else. This can prove difficult when you can’t get your lazy ass out of bed or with places that only open at 09.00 or 10.00 am, but even then it’s better than waiting for the mid morning/afternoon rush.

Sun sun sun
If you’re shooting outside and want the best light I’d suggest the golden hour (after sunrise or before sunset) if you’re after those gorgeous filter-worthy hues or if not possible, then any day light hours avoiding midday when the sun will be at its highest and therefore harshest. If you are about in the midday rays then head for shaded places, the sun will still be there, but hopefully won’t blind you or make any people you’re shooting look too unflattering with heavy shadow overkill.

Take a lot of photos
Back in the olden days of analogue film you couldn’t afford to try lots of different approaches without having a hefty and expensive bag of film to hand. But today memory is cheap so take way more than you think you’ll need, it will ensure you can try different angles, zoom levels and most importantly, avoid any closed eyes from your subjects! Lots of shots does mean lots of processing so if you want to cut down on that, then scroll through and cut down the number of shots when you’re on the bus, train or plane.

While taking lots of shots will help with portraits too, it’s also important to have a good rapport with your subject and make them feel at ease if they’re a bit unsure in front of the camera – try a joke or just chat to them while shooting they’ll feel a lot more relaxed and appear more natural in the shots. If you’ve got extra time, try practising with a friend in advance so you’re aware of which angles and zooms work best for you. And if you are shooting portraits of people always make sure to ask for permission.


Dumping My Emotional Baggage On The Runway: An Airport Rant

Travel is a special thing always close to my heart, but sometimes you’ll have a bad travel experience which can leave a sour taste in the mouth. This is a little rant I wrote when I was experiencing a bundle of travel-related chaos so while I whittled away the time by being a bit harsh on airports.

Airports should be wonderful, magical places where plucky young travellers embark on amazing skybound adventures. However, this is often very very far (we’re talking the distance to your Ryanair gate) from the truth…

Most of the time they’re soullessly modern, filled to the brim with grey pillars, shiny white panels and lots of glass showing you either – the grim place you’re departing from – or the wonderful sunshine you’re having to leave. And so what if they have a world-class architect-designed glass ceiling, well – you won’t get to marvel at this one, as it often looks better from the outside in an exterior (legal) drone shot, or if it does look alright inside, you won’t be seeing it as you’re forced to stare into a branded shop if you’re lucky enough to have grabbed that last seat in the waiting area.

And what’s with the all the shops? With the lack of carry-on space and ever-increasing charges for baggage, how can you fit any purchases into your bags and suitcases? Does anyone really want to hit up jewellery shops, unless you’re buying a ‘I cheated on you while on my business trip’ necklace or watch? And don’t get me started the hazardous toxins (nope we’re not talking toilets) you’re often forced to traverse in the form of perfume shops which are on the way to gates and departures.

When you finally reach your gate, you may think you’ve got a brief respite from the chaos. But of course, this is never the case. Lack of seats aside, the battle to find and keep a charger is an ever-pressing matter, I’ve seen full-blown arguments break out over those little device energy portals – and I don’t blame them, just being in an airport seems to drain the life of everything, electronic devices included. Way before any flights are called, there’ll immediately be a super-eagy mess of random queues forming to the various possible desk spots, putting everyone on edge, while you’re just trying to stare into the electronic oblivion of your soon-to-be-dying phone.

If the expensive, crowded and often-delayed bus or train to the airport didn’t test your patience, well wait for the little shuttle buses between the terminal and your plane for when your route isn’t important enough for a jet-bridge/walk-way contraption. They may or may not turn up, and when they do, you’ll feel the urge to buy your fellow passengers breakfast for how up close and intimate you’ve been with them. But the light at the end of the tunnel nears close, as you finally board the magnificent mechanical bird to soar you to your wildest dreams. I’ll leave any plane-based criticisms for another post

Of course, we shouldn’t complain, it’s not like air travel is particularly ethical in the first place, so maybe airport crappiness is some sort of karmic penance that we must all suffer for our continued air miles and destruction of the planet. Otherwise, I guess there’s always the exclusive executive lounges…


The 2018 Best 9 Post

As nothing exciting or life changing happened in the first 48 hours of 2019, what better time to look back to last year and share the stories behind my 2018 Best 9.

The dining hall at Christ Church in the University of Oxford. And yes, this IS the dining hall that inspired Harry Potter’s Great Hall. How amazing is that? Spellbindingly magical moment. You can read more about it in my An Afternoon in Oxford Post.

Can you see how excited my hair is about going inside Hampton Court Palace? I loved exploring the palace, gardens and tennis court. The kitchens were being being restored during my visit so I think that’s a reason to go back.

I spent around 36 hours in Paris and managed to squeeze in a walk to the Eiffel Tower, three museums and a catch-up dinner with a friend. #Paris is always a guarantee for top likes, even if the picture isn’t that great.

Covent Garden has become quite the London photo opp (there are also lots of things off the beaten path things to do in the area). If it’s not the flower benches, it’s the Christmas car or … these giant red balloons. They were part of a campaign for luxury fashion label, but no one remembers that.

London Lumiere was one of my favourite events in London and I’m so sad it’s not coming to London this year! Instead, it’s all happening in Durham, where it’s returning to the place it started 10 years ago.

Throwback to this cat in Kotor who has it all figured out. Look at this guy! He has life all sorted out. You can read more about how I reached such dizzying heights in my Hiking the ladder of Kotor post.

You can’t go wrong with a good inspirational quote. Like this one near Angel station.

Probably the only good thing from my visit to Kew Gardens. The rest wasn’t great: the place wasn’t in bloom, the Temperate House wasn’t open and the giant pagoda was closed and covered in scaffolding.

And closing off with a throwback to Barcelona. Parc Guell is actually another park/garden that I didn’t really enjoy: it was tiny and you had to pay to go inside – something I only learned once I got to the place (so much for my credentials as a travel blogger). I think London’s free parks/gardens have spoiled me because if I have to pay I become a self-proclaimed critic.

How was your 2018 Instagram game?


8 things I’m leaving behind in 2018

Just like last year I’m sharing a few things I’m hoping to leave behind this year before I focus on all the possibilities, dreams and opportunities waiting for me in 2019.

My faithful travel mate ‘Hans’ (I cursed it in my 2017 post). ‘Hans’ was a Burton backpack that I got in Germany and who accompanied me almost everywhere for 11 years, but the wear has got to him and the zip almost gave up when I was in Paris so I knew it was time to put Hansie into retirement. His replacement ‘Otto’ (a Patagonia Arbor) has been fine so far, but with so many zips, strings and pockets it all adds up to additional chances for a quicker breakdown. Let’s see how long he’ll last and if I’ll have to make use of Patagonia’s lifetime warranty.

After Georgia, I decided the early/mid 20s budget travel style wasn’t for me any more. I can’t do to cheap quick meals on the go for 5 days, I need to schedule in my down time and I am too old to share one bathroom/shower with 4 others. There I said it.

I also said goodbye to buying new Converse Chucks as the quality has fallen off a cliff. After having bought 3 pairs of the low black ones in less than 2 years I decided to swap them for the greener version of Ethletics. I still have a few high top pairs that are holding in there…for now.

While we are on the topic I’m hoping to leave behind fast fashion. Some 14/19 items I bought this year were green (second hand, vintage or from a brand with a green message). I was either too lazy, found fair things too expensive or couldn’t find an alternative for all of my purchases, but I definitely want to continue and make more ethical choices.

My phone. Not literally obviously, but I’ve wasted too much of my life on there. I’ve enjoyed digital detoxes on holiday, going out without having the urge to check my phone all the time and recently having a no screen at certain times while at home. Which I definitely want to continue with.

The hope of finding a decent hairdresser in London, just an OK one would be fine. One where it’s not too cold, where my hairdresser doesn’t go AWOL for 30 minutes or tries to talk me into buying add on treatments galore. The three times I went this year were just tragic experiences and I’m going to crawl back to my Dutch hairdresser, make sure I schedule them in while I’m in the Netherlands and hope she forgives me for cheating on her.

Dreams and expectations. There is no time to dream these days and I can’t keep promising random things to myself – instead I’m going to dominate those fantasies and start fighting for them so I am going to turn those dreams into plans by setting strict goals and making things happen. But first, I think this needs to go on an inspirational quote poster.

Newsletters…so many newsletters clogging up my inbox and luring me into buying things I don’t really need. Anyone remembers GDPR? My inbox has been the best, sure I did miss a few ticket and exhibition pre-sale announcements, but overall it has been great.

What are you leaving behind in 2018?