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Awesome Things I’ve Seen & Done in Berlin That You Should Do Too


For the past few weeks I got to wander around in Berlin, learn more about the history, practice my German and go to some great (and some less great) places. Expect a few posts dedicated to my favourite things and spots.

DDR Museum (2)DDR Museum – Don’t except in-depth history lesson, but rather a close up peek behind the scenes living in Germany in DRR through memorabilia and vintage style posters, video and audio. Much of this is displayed in fold out or open up drawers which works well, but means there is often a lot of annoying children drawn to them. However, for the mere 6 euros entrance fee (4 student) it was surprisingly insightful and did what all museums should do – made me want to go and learn more. Plus, it has a car simulator in an old Soviet style Trabant, which magically transports you to the streets of 1970s Berlin (perfect if you don’t want to try a Trabi tour). It might be worth booking at a less busy time.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetFast Rabbit – I am not vegetarian or vegan but the food was great and I really liked the home made fries (called a potato gangbang) and their amazing smoothies, but it was their wraps that really impressed me, they were delicious and full of flavour. And the combos make it super affordable, so if you are ever in Prenzlauer Berg you might want to check it out – You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy a meal so don’t let that scare you off, plus you’ll be drawn in by the cute bunny sign by the entrance.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetStay at Michelberger Hotel – I shared these photos earlier, but if you get the chance to book a room there do it! Michelberger is a really a typical hotel with comfortable and cute rooms. Bed, shower and wi-fi (when looking for a hotel that is what matters to me most) passed the test and get an A. One of the best things is the downstairs area where you can doze off on one of the combi couches and relax with a drink, read a book or check your social media.The location is ideal as well, minutes away from Friedrichshain with many great coffee shops,cute boutiques and restaurants, and the U+S-bahn and tram is just outside. It might be worth booking a table in advance if you want to try their restaurant as it can get booked up especially around the holidays.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetGo to a supermarket – One of the joys of going abroad is checking out the supermarket and what great things they have to offer (who is with me?!). In Berlin you will see Kaisers or Netto here and there (but the bigger markets like Kaufland is what you really want) just make sure you go inside and see what they have to offer. Their Milka, Haribo, Kinder and Ritter range is much bigger than anywhere else. If your store also has a bakery go for a pretzel – with butter (though sometimes it can be a bit of a puzzle trying to find where they’ve put butter in the pretzel!).

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Random Berlin Observations

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Tea ist ein Berliner (well… for the coming 3 ½ weeks) I landed on Berlin soil and survived my first day and here are some random observations.

The seats on some trains can be a bit scary (I can imagine if you have social anxiety or something) and confusing (how close is too close?) as there’s no divider or arm rest. At first people keep space in between them, but the busier it gets the more people try to squeeze in between. What is the etiquette here?

One of my favourite past times on the London Underground is when people push buttons in the hope the door opens, but it’s automatic and it takes a few seconds before the doors open and when they don’t you will see a slight panic hit their face. I forgot that in the rest of the world you still have to press a button and I was that idiot who stood there like a spoilt London brat.

Beer on public transport after 4.35 pm is completely acceptable and not frowned upon.

Jay walking is frowned upon and just not as appreciated. People just seem to relax a bit more when it comes to public transport.

Berliners are not as stuck to their mobiles as Londoners. During the rush hour people are on their phone or Kindle/book. But here I noticed 50% less people glued to their mobiles.

Some brands labelled as ‘still’ water are just less bubbly mineral water. Not cool. Their selection of juices on the other hand are the best. Cherryjuice anyone?

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14 photos that will make you want to stay at Michelberger Hotel, Berlin

They had me at concrete walls and quirky details …

MH_bar_0901 MH_external_01 MH_bandroom_01 MH_bigone_01 MH_breakfastroom_02 MH_cosyroom_03 MH_cosyroom_05 MH_loftroom_04 MH_luxus_08 MH_miscroom_06 MH_reception_01 MH_reception_03 MH_thecleverone_02 MH_wg_01

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four unusual museums around the world

 So, you find museums boring? Well … have you tried these unusual museums?

Momofuku_Ando_Instant_Ramen_Museum002 11369641116_953cc3210e_k
Instant Ramen Museum – Osaka, Japan // A museum devoted to ramen … only in Japan. Once you are through the ramen history part make sure to make your own ramen cup with ingredients of your own choice.  Not planning on heading to Japan any time soon? Check it on on Google Maps.

exhibits_7 exhibits_4 Museum of Broken Relationships –  Zagreb, Croatia // The Museum of Broken Relationships hosts an intriguing collection of items related to shattered romances and the stories behind them.And yes, you can send in your own ‘exhibit‘ . What I really like about this museum is that it shows how we all share the same pain, regardless of our nationality or background.

© Deutsches Currywurst Museum Berlin

© Deutsches Currywurst Museum Berlin

Deutsches Currywurst Museum – Berlin, Germany // The curry sausage is one of Berlin’s culinary treats, as a matter of fact … they love it so much that they dedicated a museum to the the famed food and the legends and stories around it. Oh … and the €11 entry submission includes a sausage.
10594404406_40a339bf3b_k 10594440525_015afad761_k 10594638533_917d9a6eaa_k
Museum Of Witchcraft –  Boscastle, UK // Museum of Witchcraft  a dedicated to witchcraft and Wicca. It apparently has the largest collection of witchcraft and Wiccan related relics in the world, so definitely take a visit if you are in the Cornwall area … do it for your 14 year old self. 
What is the most unusual museum you’ve been to?