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  1. Josy

    Just checked your blog and loved it! I really like the way you write, it’s refreshingly honest. It’s also nice to get a few tips for our next London trip 🙂
    Other than that, I particularly enjoyed the comments on travelling tips you’ll find on Pinterest – I spent some hours on it yesterday and had to laugh out loud a few times.

  2. Emily

    Hi Tea!
    I love your blog! I love travel and exploring new places so I’ll definitely read your blog, it’s very suited to me haha.

    Emily Jane. xx

  3. Susanna

    I love your blog. The design is simple but beautiful, and your goal of learning about history and culture while traveling is as good as it gets. I am a huge advocate for not just visiting places as a tourist, but exploring how people really live around the world as an explorer. Happy adventures!

  4. Laura


    I must say that I love love your blog. Really happy to have found it!

    We’re working on a local NY platform for outdoor enthusiasts, helping them find local accommodation in NY’s outdoor areas. This is how it looks until now – us.Spoty.com

    I’d love to get some feedback from other outdoorsy people. What do you think? What would you expect of it?

    The aim is for us to eventually be able to show (1) what local stays exists outsides the cities (2) what outdoor activities one can explore in the area & (3) give indicative times of how long it takes to start those adventures. We’re hoping to, in time, make those stays bookable directly.

    Any feedback would be much appreciated!



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