Friday, Five Most (Annoying) People I’ve Encountered on my Flight

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I like to believe that I am the perfect passenger: I won’t make you stand up because I have to go to the toilet or to get something from my bad, my music isn’t too loud, I don’t sleep so I won’t lay on you and I won’t hog your armrest. Unfortunately not everyone got the memo, but on the bright side … my flight to Amsterdam did inspire me for a post about the types of people that were on

The Eager To Talk Guy
There is a bubbly and eager to talk guy on every flight. By the time you are boarding he has chatted to half of the passengers. He will tell you what he is doing, where he is going and what he hopes to see and he will try to get the same out of you. And he even won’t get the hint when you put your headphones in…all you want is just another drink.

The Well-behaved Kid
We never talk about the well behaved kid, so today I would like to put little Timmy in the picture. He has his own little trolley, but manages not to annoy anyone, he didn’t whine “but whyyyy” when his mom told him the boarding will happen a bit later, has a colouring book (I didn’t know they even made those anymore) and replies with a please and thank you to the flight attendant. Well done, Timmy. His sister on the other hand…

The Demanding Woman
She seemed friendly at first, but she then turned out more demanding than a Tiger Mom, is the kind of person who will ask for three coffees before it’s the right taste. I felt me and my fellow passengers wanted to put together our air-miles to give her an one way upgrade to the first class.

The One With The Cold (at least, you hope)
Why are people who sneeze and cough for the whole duration of the flight even allowed to fly? For the whole duration of the flight I had to allay the tiniest part of my brain which dreamt up a story that he was returning from a new virus epidemic hotspot (Pigbola?)!

The Businessman
I was on a British Airways flight (which ended up remarkably cheap) from ‘City Airport’ which is near one of the financial centres. There were businessmen who looked at each other with a ‘remember-when-this-was-just-for-businessmen’ look. They are the ones that are on their Blackberry until the flight attendant comes over and begs them to turn it off and they’ll will sigh over and over as soon as someone just as little as breathes. Sorry, but you are not Richard Branson.

What is your least favorite type of passenger to sit next to?

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  1. Aha soooo accurate! I’ve had to sit beside each one of these characters for long hauls…It is NOT a pleasant journey. The worst: the talkative one. Usually I’m open and like to talk with others, but when I’m on a flight for eight to ten hours I’m a cranky and impatient mess!

  2. I’ve definitely come across all five of those passengers before 😛 I’ve had a couple of interesting encounters on planes too. The most annoying person would have to be the person who complains about EVERY LITTLE THING. I was on a 9 hour flight in economy and there was this couple who were continually calling over the hostess to complain for silly little things, and then they would not stop going on about the legroom and how little there was. I had to use all my restraint from leaning over and yelling ‘WELL MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE BOOKED BUSINESS CLASS SEATS’.

    Another interesting passenger I’ve come across are the ones that have a little too much to drink. In this case, we had a lady wander down the aisle and face planted right next to my chair, I was so shocked until she pulled herself up and stumbled further down the aisle before face planting again 😛

  3. You’re absolutely right! The person that annoys me the most is probably an annoying kid at the back, constantly kicking my seat, like can you not? Oh, and there’s always a man sitting next to me, and he’s just so big (not like fat, but hmm.. athletic? yeah, let’s go with athletic) so I’m stuck in my seat, can’t move at all xx

  4. Maybe I’ve gotten lucky on flights *knock on wood* but overall, I’ve had decent flying experiences. People respect my space and headphones, and aside from a kid sitting behind me in a row with my dad, I haven’t experienced noisy people, either. I know they happen (I once sat across the aisle from a guy who flipped out because there wasn’t room in the overhead compartment DIRECTLY above his head for his bag, but there was room above the person behind him), but none of this has ever bothered me.

  5. Well…I remember once flying from Amsterdam to Detroit…now this is an 8 hour flight, I had a window seat of course and I had to get up a couple of times to visit the toilet. The person in the aisle seat (we had no one in between) drank 3-4 beers and went only once to the toilet just before landing! What did I do wrong?!
    But ok I’ve mostly been lucky and I use my iPod to screen out children!

  6. Oh, god. Annoying flyers. I know I’m not great because I will most definitely make you stand up to go to the bathroom (it’s not like I can help it, though xD), buuuut. I think for me the worst was a kid, though. Back in 2010 I’d never traveled abroad and I decided to go to Canada, with a layover in Paris and around 9h to Toronto. And there was a crying little kid two rows ahead of me. By that I mean he must have spend crying easily 1/3 of the trip. By the 5th hour I didn’t know what to do anymore, oh my god. Now I have headphones that really isolate me from the real world so I’m hoping my long flight to Osaka is a little better, though! xD

  7. HA, the business one is perfect! I know that “what are you doing here young girl” look too well.

    I hate the fat old man with BO, who will take up your armrest and who you will feel like is hitting on you that whole flight (40 years age gap). True story. 🙁

  8. Hahahaha, héél erg herkenbaar dit (en idd: hoera voor de little Timmy’s van de wereld!)

  9. I’ve been lucky not to encounter any of these. Thank God.

    I do, however, have a couple that I’d like to murder:
    1. The guy who doesn’t get that the tv screen he sees is right behind my head. If you keep pushing the thing so hard, I’m going to push YOU very hard too, man. URGH.
    2. Anybody who snores. ANYBODY. (in life, really, not only on planes haha).
    3. Parents who do nothing to calm their child. I get that you’re tired and you’re probably used to your kid crying for half an hour, but I’m not. I’m uncomfortable too and the wailing doesn’t help. Talk to your kid, entertain your kid, hug your kid; but don’t ignore him/her.

    I also had a very well-behaved kid on a plane once and I was so happy I told the mom she was awesome. I couldn’t help myself!

  10. The ‘mother with a crying child’ type 😀 I know this is a bit harsh, but seriously, why every time there’s a crying child on board my place has to be behind it/next to it?
    Also, something funny – I have seen a few times people on planes or buses eating strange things – like taking out a fresh cucumber from a bag and eating it (while wearing a glitter fedora hat). Now, that was something you don’t see everyday 😉

  11. I love the fact you mentioned little Timmy, what a hero.

    Definitely can empathise with the passenger who likes to talk!

    Great post x

  12. i always have the weird one, and they are always sitting by me. the last time i flew to san diego i was alone and in the window seat. a couple say by me. when the food came i was sleeping and i woke up to the man nicking the food the airhostess had left for me. err, no!! then as a snack the lady brought out a pack of freeze dried squid. I kid you not. Im afan of eating whatever you like but in a pressurised cabin the fishy smel lingered for the next SIX HOURS.