Things to look forward to in the rest of April

It’s kinda funny how for the first month where things have started to be lifted, I forgot to share a list with all the things I’m looking forward to! These lists kept me in a positive state of mind when I needed them over the winter, so I’d like to continue sharing even though we’re well into spring.

Little getaway
A four-day digital detox in a tiny house in the middle of nowhere, yet somehow reachable by train and on foot. I’m ready to lock my phone away and go full on analogue.

Next outside dining opp
I’ve already crossed off the first brunch of 2021 off my list, but am already looking forward to the next ones. Bring on all the brunches! (and also breakfasts, lunches and dinners)

Return to my favourite charity shops
The last time I went to one was last August! I have a list of things I need for Summer and want to see if I can find them offline first.

More green walks
Since restrictions have been lifted I’ve explored places outside my local area, and it’s been really good to my mind. Well, as long as I get out of bed at 6 am and avoid the crowds that start at 9.30 / 10, otherwise I just get a bit stressed.

First swim of the season
I’ve been putting off swimming at my local lido for the moment as it’s too cold. I only found out the other day that indoor pools are open too. Now I just wait for my spot.

Planting the next batch of veggies
To balance out all the new distractions outside, I need to give my veggies at home a bit of extra love. I got a box of various chillies and peppers to plant. I’m most looking forward to growing Padron peppers.

Finish my cross stitch
Then there is a cross stitch work that needs to be finished as there is a space on the wall that’s been waiting for it for a while.

What are your plans for the coming weeks?

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  1. Heerlijk om weer dingen buiten de deur te doen. Kan me voordtellen dat de drukte wennen is. Is jouw vaccinatie al gezet of ingepland? Ik ga binnenkort een weekendje weg en daar kijk ik erg naar uit. Even een andere omgeving!