5 UK Adventures For All Couples

Planning an adrenaline trip with your partner? Thinking about trekking in an Asian jungle, or a boat down the Amazon? Sounds good, but you don’t have to head abroad for an adventure! With plenty of exciting experiences available and an ever-increasing range of options for couples to take advantage of, there’s never been a better time for a UK staycation.

  1. Surf the Sunny Southwest, Cornwall

What better way to embrace a couples adventure than learning to surf together in the beautiful southwest? Fistral Beach in Newquay is amongst the very best, combining awesome surf with a laidback beach vibe and great food options for a post-surf pick-me-up. To really turn this trip into an adventure, try driving down through Devon and Cornwall and stopping off in southern surf towns including Padstow, Newquay and Falmouth.

  1. Cycle the Cairngorms, Scottish Highlands

Scotland attracts over 3 million visitors every year, with many coming to see the beautiful Cairngorms national park. It is home to whisky distilleries, ruined old castles and Aviemore Ski resort. The entire 300 square kilometres is littered with cycling trails for all ages and abilities, including peaceful roadside trails such as the 90 mile Snow Roads Scenic Route and the more aggressive mountain biking found around Glenlivet or Tarland. Pit stop by Loch Insh for some added outdoor activities and be sure to pack wisely, as the weather in the Highlands can change abruptly!

  1. Hike Scafell Peak in the Lake District

The Lake District is deservedly one of the United Kingdom’s most beloved national parks, boasting crystal lakes and charming villages. It’s a prime spot for adrenaline junkies. The birthplace of the original mountain marathon, a hike up Scafell peak is perfect for couples looking for a rewarding adventure, with the opportunity to enjoy incredible views whilst doing so. Oh, and you’ll be able to tell everyone you summited England’s highest peak together!

  1. Swim with seals in Lundy Island

Ok, so calling this rocky retreat the ‘UK Galapagos’ may be stretching it a bit, but Lundy Island is a veritable paradise just off of the Devon coast. Teeming with wildlife, explorers will find cute grey sea seals willing to play with curious humans. Grab a snorkel and mask (and put your wetsuit on!) before taking a dip in the chilly waters together and enjoy an adventure most wouldn’t have thought possible just off of our own shores!

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  1. Canoe in Strangford Lough, County Down

Just an hour away from Belfast lies the Strangford Lough, a great expanse of water that completely dominates eastern County Down. The best way to explore is, of course, in the water. Pick up a 2-person canoe or – if you’re feeling competitive – a couple of kayaks and head out into the Lough for some close encounters with basking sharks and seals. Covering around 150 square kilometres, the craggy scenery surrounding the Lough was good enough for Game of Thrones to be shot around here, so we don’t doubt you’ll enjoy paddling about and taking it all in!

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