How To holiday on a budget

Travelling doesn’t have to cost the Earth if you’re savvy with your holiday funds. Budget properly, so you (and your money) can go further than you ever imagined…

Travel out of season

Whether you go during school term or the rainy season, there are bargains to be had when you travel when no one else does – giving you more money to spend when you’re out there and fewer crowds to elbow your way through.

Go somewhere truly unique

From Lviv in Ukraine to Varna in Bulgaria and Montevideo in Uruguay, the places that fewer people visit tend to be the cheapest, so get your adventure on. Your travel stories and experiences will be totally different to everyone else’s.

That said, Thailand’s idyllic islands are also cheap. So when you budget, decide whether you’ll go to expensive countries for a shorter period of time or to the cheaper destinations for a longer and equally fulfilling holiday.

Time it right

Not booking a pre-packaged holiday? Quick, check flight and hotel comparison websites like Skyscanner and Kayak for the cheapest fares around your chosen dates.

Meet in the middle

You’ll have to make some compromises to travel within your budget. Want to stay in a swanky hotel? Get there on a cheap flight – which could mean flying at an odd time, or an in-direct journey with a few stops. Dreaming of fun excursions? Save cash on extra baggage by travelling light.

Or make a few changes long before your trip. Walk instead of catching the bus, swap Starbucks coffee for your home brew or release equity from your home with Saga if you’re over 55.

Haggle with a smile

Everything is negotiable, whether or not negotiation is easy is another thing – from your flights to your food, you can make your travel budget go further by getting the best possible price. Of course, people have to make a living, but you should still try to pay what you think is reasonable.

Get an ISIC card, not credit cards

Are you under 31 years old, a student or a teacher? Get yourself an ISIC discount card for money off flights, accommodation, travel and shopping in 133 countries around the world. Travelling on a budget is about living within your means and credit card money isn’t yours to begin with – if you can’t pay it off when you get home, you’ll have high interest rates to deal with.

Whenever you travel with cash or valuables, remember to zip them up in an inside pocket to stay safe on your trip! And never skimp on travel insurance for the sake of saving a few bob, you absolutely have to have it.

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