Cereal Killer Café Opening in Shoreditch

cereal killer cafe

Cereal Killer Café, the eagerly anticipated first cereal café in the UK, will be opening its doors this December in (yes) Shoreditch, London.

Cereal has been kept in the confines of people’s homes for too long, so Cereal Killer Café are taking something that everyone loves and taking it to the next level with a makeover Madonna would be envious of.

In the past 6 months, identical twin owners, Alan and Gary Keery, have secured funding and found suppliers for cereal from America, France, Australia, South Africa and South Korea. Their menu will have 100 cereals from all over the world and can be customized with 13 different milks and 20 toppings. They will also serve 18 flavours of pop tarts, toast, and amazing coffee from the famous Allpress coffee on Redchruch Street.

cereal killer cafe

The café, which will be at 139 Brick Lane, Shoreditch, will be spread over 2 floors and house a huge collection of cereal memorabilia, made up of 80 vintage cereal boxes including, Pokémon, Bill and Ted, The Addams family, and Cabbage Patch Kids. As well as hundreds of pieces cereal history from money boxes to skateboards, and bike reflectors to milk bottles.

The café is not just for breakfast, the opening times are 7am to 8pm so you can come and enjoy your favourite bowl.

That is my breakfast sorted out and in the meantime I am dreaming of all the possible combinations.

11 thoughts on “Cereal Killer Café Opening in Shoreditch

  1. Jamie

    Like the idea, but I wonder how much each bowl of cereal would cost. I can’t imagine many people paying $4 when they could have a whole box for roughly the same price.

  2. Ionwen Charlesworth

    OMGoodness Gracious Me…. i love this concept ohhh so frickin much n this has just convinced me m’trip to London Town is gona have to be soooooooon… Thanks twinks for t’heads up…

  3. Erika

    What an awesome idea! Definitely putting this on my list for the next time I visit London.

  4. Kira

    You have made my life with this little tidbit! This is not only my breakfast sorted but lunch and dinner too 🙂

    Thanks babe!


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