The Little Yellow Door Opens in Notting Hill

Have you ever wondered what you’d get if you moved five completely mismatched flatmates into one house, and threw parties every week? No? Well, you’ll soon find out. Opening this autumn on London’s iconic Notting Hill Gate, The Little Yellow Door, is an eclectic new pop-up bar based on a fictional flatshare between friends from all walks of life.

Five friendly “flatmates” will be welcoming locals and non-locals into their cosy West London home, where they will host weekly dinner and drinks parties for those in the know. Regular visitors to The Little Yellow Door will receive a key to the door so they can come and leave at their own will, and if they bring in a quirky bottle of something from their own home they’ll even get a personalised mug, and have it filled up with a very special punch every time they swing by, free of charge of course.

The LibertineThe Little Yellow Door will also be the first hospitality venue to take bookings by the world’s most popular messaging service, WhatsApp, a true innovation in the bar industry and offering guests the ultimate personal touch when booking.

The menus are handwritten on magazines lying around the house and the furniture is as mismatched as the flatmates. The experimental drinks list is influenced by the flatmates’ favourite TV shows. There are innovative cocktails such as My Name Is Earl, an Earl Grey infused gin, citrus, egg white and sugar short drink served in a tea cup and saucer with biscuits on the side, and sprinkled with earl grey leaves, Or Suits, a Manhattan on ice with a dash of absinthe. They will also serve up excellent sharers, including The Towering Inferno, which is set alight and served in a blender, packed with ice, and topped with jelly babies and scooped out lemon halves filled with overproof rum.

Every Friday, the culinary half of The Little Yellow Door, the acclaimed, The Wandering Chef, will invite guests to enjoy their innovative dishes as they serve up the ultimate dinner party for the flatmates and their guests. Founders, Jamie and Lalie aim to create unique and immersive dining experiences, submerging their customers in the fruits of their imagination. The dinner menu will change on a quarterly basis and be influenced by the nationality of the latest flatmate to move into The Little Yellow Door.

On Saturdays and Thursdays the focus will be on hosting the best house party in the neighbourhood where they will serve mouth-watering bar snacks inspired by the different types of people you might stumble across at social gatherings. Expect tasty munchies such as The Fridge Raider, created for those unable to resist Sunday Roast Leftovers with Roast Chicken Wings, Potatoes Stuffing Sausages, Bread Sauce, Gravy and a Horseradish & Coleman’s Mayonnaise for Dipping. They will also have an option for the health fanatics, called The Yoga Bunny, a selection of dips such as a Lentil Hummus with Sumac, Mint Pesto and Toasted Pine Nuts, or Squashed Avocado with Pink Pickled Onions, Cured Tomatoes and Sticky Chipotle.

The authentic apartment-inspired bar will also have a hidden, private room, decorated as an old fashioned tree house, where guests can gather their closest friends for an intimate evening of good food and drinks.

Kam, one of the flatmates says: “Visiting The Little Yellow Door, you may arrive with three friends and leave with ten…”

4 thoughts on “The Little Yellow Door Opens in Notting Hill

  1. Georgina

    As I read your blog and think its pretty darn good, it only felt right to nominate you for One Lovely Blog award! 🙂 x

  2. Lucy

    What a clever if ever so slightly scary idea. Different people being thrown together but I love the concept.. I would definitely turn up with a bottle of whisky, port or Tia Maria Lucy

  3. Catherine

    This really does sound amazing – I’m tempted to jump on the next train to London just to give it a try!


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