Hæ from Reykjavik

Hello from the world’s northernmost city! Here is what I’ve been up to in the city of Skyr.

Dark alleyways aren’t always the most inviting places in a city, but Reykjavik’s looked pretty inviting and screamed at me explore.

What a better way to start Halloween night than in the company of a creepy waxwork figure (none of that Madame Tussauds crap) and an energy boost in a cup, which for once isn’t coffee but a moreish Lobster soup. Thankfully these two things plus a lot of fish skewers are on offer at Saegrefinn.

Due to the unfortunate (or fortunate) combination of alcohol and very dark bars/clubs the pictures are pretty few and far between. However, I will say that Icelandic people take Halloween very seriously and that means really jaw-dropping costumes. Bender – the Futurama robot – and someone dressed as her 85 year old self, complete with hunch back, awesome make-up and weird accent, were the best.

After saying goodbye to Bender, I wishfully headed towards the biggest church on the horizon (all lit up, just for me!) to scope out some Halloween zombies in a graveyard (I’m not sure whether I wanted the real thing or just costumes!). This ended up being Hallgrimskirkja, sadly it was without a graveyard, and the associated undead, however, I think I may have seen a glimpse of the northern lights, but that may have been the alcohol!

Street-art … so much street art. I haven’t got sick of yet, plus I finally got to see this famous wall adornment.


An Icelandic friend recommended I sink my teeth into a Klenat. And she was more than right, this Scandinavian take on the donut was well worth the giant queue in the bakery. I wish I’d bought a box full now!


Single gloves speed dating. Because why not? Every glove needs a glover?


Is it an art museum, a fancy cinema, a media hub?  No! It’s actually a conference/concert hall. I don’t know about you guys, but when I think of conference halls I think of dirty white and heartless buildings with no windows or soul (here’s looking at you ExCel), but Harpa is the opposite of that. There’s so many reflections, slick angled staircases and lego-like windows, your camera will overload.

The city pass let’s you take the ferry to Viðey (Videy) island for free, and where there’s free there’s me (Tea)! If you’ve had enough of ‘busy’ central Reykjavik you can escape to this island. If I had read Wiki’s entry on it I might have given this a miss. It claims the highlight of the place is the Imagine Peace Tower that is dedicated to John Lennon by Yoko Ono, but that’s just a joke. Aside from the dramatic, sweeping landscapes (the long grass had a better hair day than I do any of the week), cute cottages and moody beaches, this swing with a view was my highlight…

If ever there was a reason for forcing Wes Anderson to follow-up Steve Zissou with a sequel, then this lighthouse is it! I’d like to pitch that Bill Murray is trapped in this yellow prison, with only the company of Jason Schartzman, playing voice of the lightbulb.

My evening ended at a pizza place where you couldn’t speak it’s name. Sadly, not in the Voldemort way, you are allowed to say it’s name – but no one know what it is! But that has not stopped the place being fully booked on a Sunday night. The low light means you can barely make out your companions, so good for a major-date-zit-event, or if you want to slip out without your boring fellow eater noticing. Delicious toppings, though I think I’m now addicted to Garlic Olive Oil – I hope my Air BnB stocks it!

How was your weekend, and do you have any must-sees for my remaining days in Iceland?


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  1. Great photodiary, I love the single gloves one! 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your time in Iceland!

  2. Iceland is on my bucket list too! I really want to go now, I’ve just read another bloggers post on the Blue Lagoon and then I read your post and now its making me want to go even more – argh! I’m supposed to be saving and now I’m looking at holidays to Iceland lol !!

    Great post !!

  3. I went to Iceland when I was 15 on a girl scout camp but i’m beginning to realise that I need to go back – so many things I didn’t get to see!

  4. Love this! Iceland is without doubt the most beautiful and friendly and interesting place i’ve ever visited. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Elle | thisisyugen.blogspot.com

    P.s. I’m also a massive Bill Murray/Wes Anderson fan – that is to say I have the final quote that Bill Murray utters at the end of Steve Zissou tattooed on my wrist: ‘This is an adventure’