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Kotor: The ‘must-visit’ city for 2016

Soooo Lonely Planet has published their long awaited Must See Places for 2016 and Kotor has been named best city in the world to visit next year. As a Balkan-born-blogger I am obviously overly proud.
The list is assembled by the LP team of travel writers and tourism experts and I honestly don’t get why they made the city a must visit and not the region on the whole. But then again, Lonely Planet has been having an ID crisis for a while now. I mean Kotor is on the cruise ship tour (where the ghosts of travel bloggers go to die) – not quite an undiscovered gem right?
And yes, the city is a) overcrowded, b) way to expensive for the Balkans and c) not a unknown place at all.
But hey … look how freaking photogenic this place is. I need to get cracking on all those Kotor posts (think: where to find the lovely woman that makes the freshest pomegranate juice, some insider tips and a follow-up on my hike adventure – Hike 2 – the Revenge of the Thigh Burn). But for now I just wanted to share some photos. KOTOR (2) KOTOR (3) KOTOR (4) KOTOR (5) KOTOR (7) KOTOR (8) KOTOR (9) KOTOR (10) KOTOR (11) KOTOR (12) KOTOR (13) KOTOR (14)
Have you been to any of the Must See Places for 2016?

6 thoughts on “Kotor: The ‘must-visit’ city for 2016

  1. Anastasia

    Totally agree! Kotor and the bay is a very beautiful place as a the region on whole – from Budva to Tara Canyon…
    I just recently published on the blog a post dedicated to my trip to Montenegro:)

  2. Anne Slater-Brooks

    National Geographic are also touting it for 2016. I had never heard of it until they featured it earlier this year and was instantly hooked. No direct flights from the Uk yet but Dubrovnik is close by! It is on my list!


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