Money Talk: The Failed Amsterdam Experiment

amsterdam tipsIn the spirit of out-takes, I want to talk about a failed post I had hoped to publish a few months ago. Before I headed to Amsterdam last time this idea came to mind, a post on what to do/get for one to two Euros, so not a post on how do Amsterdam on the cheap or for free, but how to enjoy that last 1 or 2 coins you have left to the fullest. You know how you always have some change at the end of your trip? Some save it for a next trip or take it back to their Euroland and others give it to a street artists or someone in need, but does that really feel good? I embraced the experiment and went out to test in the field – because that’s what I do…but sadly I came back disappointed.

First thing was easy: Forget that overpriced breakfast at your hotel! Put on your dressing gown and run down the street to a HEMA store which has a restaurant and get your €1 breakfast!  We are not talking about something cheap here, for €1 you get a cup of coffee, croissant, omelet sandwich AND if you can find another 25 cents somewhere in your bag you can add 2 slices of bacon to that. If you really want to spoil yourself, get the orange juice for 60 cents.

Last minute attractions are a bit scarce with that budget, but you could do the Sandeman New Europe Free Tour and tip your change to the guide. It’s a bit stingy, but the Dutch are know to be stingy so When in Rome …

amterdam tip

And after that my experiment fell apart, like a cheap croissant. I could have sworn that you could get a lot of fast food at snackbar Febo. Like a typical Dutch frikandel or kroket from the wall at FEBO (a local snack bar chain that sells Dutch fast food in a wall vending machine) but they have criminally raised their minimum price to €1,50.

In my desperation I headed to a souveniershop, sure there must be something there.  For some reason I thought that a €1 would get you a card, and an international stamp to send it to your Grandma. I seriously thought you could even get a pen for an additional 60 cent. But a card on Damrak costs 95 cents and a pen is even more. So, you can go for that cheesy card and send it to Gran later, she won’t notice the stamp if from you country.

That’s where I gave up and bought 1/3 beer with my change and wondered if I could spin out a post on shoplifting your way to a budget trip.

Is it just me or are cheap things really getting expensive?

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  1. Aw damn, well it was a good idea! I never actually went to HEMA either time I’ve been in Amsterdam, sounds like I missed out haha.

  2. I guess things are really getting expensive. I swear it was so cheap to send a postcard or a letter to somebody. Now, you pay so much for all the fees and stamps that it’s not even fun to send letter anymore. You can get broke fast, haha.

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  3. It’s not just you! Like… I was in Croatia this summer and noticed that things (basic stuff like food) were all more expensive than the year before 🙁 I used to love it there because everything was super cheap, but that’s not really true anymore.