Wanderlist: 8 Things I Want To Do In The UK


How embarrassing is it that I have only been to five UK places outside London? I must hang my head in shame. Since I’m going properly travelling a bit later in the year I’m going to use summer as an excuse to explore more of what this country has to offer. I made a list of things I want to see and do…before the internet police come to take away my travel blogger badge.

Leeds – mainly because I want to buy a ticket at one of the UK’s oldest cinemas that has one of those cute booths at the front, and see a beautiful ruined monastery, Kirkstall Abbey, which features in paintings by Turner, has been used as a backdrop for TV shows, and even saw the Kasier Chiefs play hometown shows there.

Hadrian’s Wall – built by a Roman cool guy with a beard in order to keep the Picts and Scots out of his kingdom. I want to take the lift up to the top and see Jon Snow and stare at the Wildlings.

Cornwall – go to Land’s End, the Eden Project and find some pirates, or at least the smugglers’ coves. And complete my stay in a typical B&B that’s run by two adorable people and their grumpy cat.

Nottingham – just because of Robin Hood really, not the Russell Crowe one, but the Kevin Costner one – I hope they play the Bryan Adams theme tune as you enter the city.

Whiskey Tour – visit different distilleries on the whiskey tour. I picture Sideways, but with whiskey, Scottish weather and less in-depth conversations and Paul Giamatti. And I am pretty sure I will see Nessie if I combine this and a Loch Ness tour.

Stonehenge – I’m not sure I’m hip enough to do the whole summer solstice thing, but I have to go to visit what must have been the coolest skyscraper ever in 3000 BC.

Bath – well duh, it’s known for its baths, which the Romans built to wash off the blood and dirt when they weren’t conquering or building walls. If you don’t like water, there’s a gothic Abbey and a ‘royal crescent’ of Georgian houses.

Anywhere -Sleep in one of those castle/manor hotels with four poster beds and purple kitsch interior. Preferably a haunted one so I have something exciting to write about when I get bored of the furnishings.

Any other recommendations? 

26 thoughts on “Wanderlist: 8 Things I Want To Do In The UK

  1. Sarah

    Haha I enjoyed this so much. Especially the bit about the Roman cool guy with the beard. good luck completing your list!

    1. tea Post author

      Warwick Castle definitely looks interesting! Not sure about Alton Towers, I’ve read the recent happenings and it scared me a bit.

  2. Cierra Mais

    Was in Nottingham this past April and the months of June & July.. such a gorgeous city in England! Definetly recommend visiting!


  3. Anna

    Bath, yes…you have to visit! And book a session at the spa (ehm sorry…thermal baths as well). Of course there are the old Roman baths to see (and learn cool details how the Romans had really nailed the whole spa thing many many years ago! The city is very picturesue as well! As for Stonehenge, well…keep your expectations low on the skyscraper part!!

  4. Amy Stewart

    Lovely idea. If you like the sound of a whiskey tour – definitely get yourself to Edinburgh! There’s loads of great ones to do and it’s just a great city in general (may be biased as I grew up there!)

    Happy exploring 🙂

    Bambi Jane

    1. tea Post author

      I’ve been there for a short visit and should go back at some point to see more – and try all the whiskey 😀