Modern Holiday Etiquette

Will you keep your selfie stick under control on holiday this summer? And how long will you be able to resist the urge to make a phone call after you land? ‘Selfie Stickers’ and ‘Touch-down Talkers’ are just two types of holidaymaker who demonstrate the holiday habits that really tick Brits off, according to new research. 

Along with ‘Insane Instagrammers’ who continuously photograph restaurant dishes; ‘Scuba Snappers’ who use their underwater cameras in the hotel pool; and the dreaded Facebook friend request from a ‘Social Stalker’, these very modern social faux pas have topped the list of our current holiday bug-bears.

New research from TeletextHolidays which surveyed 2,000 Brits to take a light-hearted look at how we behave abroad, has also revealed that at the start of the summer vacation season, 30% of us are yet to book our holiday!

The Top 10 modern holiday faux-pas according to Brits are:

  1. Relentless Instagramming of every meal or drink consumed – ‘Insane Instagrammers’ (32%)
  2. Kids playing games on tablets at high volume – ‘App Brats’ (31%)
  3. Over the top, anti-social use of selfie sticks – ‘Selfie-Stickers’ (28%)
  4. Using Bluetooth/wireless speakers in public – ‘Speaker Smashers’ (25%)
  5. People who are back on their mobile as soon as the plane lands, before they even leave their seat – ‘Touch-down Talkers’ (21%)
  6. Face-timing in front of tourist attractions making it difficult for others to see – ‘Face-time Fanatics’ (12%)
  7. Unwanted Facebook friend requests from someone you met for 2 minutes at the hotel bar – ‘Social Stalkers’ (11%)
  8. Using an iPad/tablet to take photos at monuments and tourist attractions, blocking the view of those behind – ‘Tablet Tourists’ (10%)
  9. People who take pictures underwater on Go-Pro’s while in the hotel swimming pool – ‘Scuba Snappers’ (7%)
  10. Inexperienced users of flying camera devices for aerial shots on the beach, especially at sunset – ‘Droneys’ (6%)

But modern misconducts are not the only things to leave Brits exasperated. The survey commissioned by Teletext Holidays also reveals the top 5 classic holiday bugbears;

  1. Getting up hours before everyone else to reserve a set of sun loungers with your towel for friends – ‘Sun lounger Savers’ (48%)
  2. Wearing a pair of Speedos that haven’t fit since the 1980s – ‘Speedo Veterans’ (28%)
  3. Bombing into the pool next to strangers who are trying to sunbathe – ‘Pool-bombers’ (26%)
  4. Clapping or cheering as the plane hits the tarmac on the outbound flight – ‘Landing-clappers’ (22%)
  5. People who plunder the buffet – ‘Buffet Slayers’ (21%)

What holiday faux-pas are YOU guilty of?


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  1. Glad to see the list includes one of my personal bug-bears – the ‘tablet tourists’. I just don’t get it. Buy a camera people!!

  2. Face time fanatics and touch down talkers – I just really don’t understand them. You’re on holiday, enjoy the moment! Yes I may instagram, but that’s quick and doesn’t distract from just enjoying the place like talking constantly to people back home does!

    That Adventurer