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I just can’t wait for my first ice cream of the year at Chin Chin Lab in Camden. It’s the only reason I volunteerly go to Camden. They do liquid nitrogen ice-Cream and have a weird weekly flavour of the week. Think strawberry-hay or peach-blue cheese.

If you want a bit more a traditional cold thing in a cone, then Amorino in Soho will be right up your street, well Old Compton Street to be precise (and other stores over London).

Hot tub cinema, pillow cinema, underground cinema, (free) movies in the park or whatever new concept they’ve come up with this year. Although smokers do ruin it for me, maybe bring a nose-peg.

Summer also means holiday for my friends from the Netherlands and a reason to come over and visit (and bring Dutch goodies).

A little bit of sun – if we are lucky.

Food markets are one of my favourite hang out spots on a summer day in London and I love seeing all the new (night) markets that pop up as they are just a great way to meet up with friends and (more importantly) share food.

The Queen Elizabeth Hall Room Garden at the Southbank is open again. It’s such a gem and a quiet retreat from the horribly crowded Southbank where you can have drink at the bar or just enjoy a walk through the green garden.

Or take the overground all the way to Crystal Palace to look at the surreal dinosaur sculptures (not very anotomically correct, but hey, even Jurrassic World is guilty of that). The park itself is also great for a day out and the station cafe does one hell of a millionaire’s shortbread.

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  1. Amorino has to be the love of my life, I live right down the street from one and it’s a trap, I’m telling you! London seems amazing, and I’m looking forward to the day that I finally get to take my first “adult” visit 🙂