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Glamping with Yelloh! Village



Confession time… I’ve never been on a camping trip. I know, I’m a monster. And…apart from a few festivals, I’ve never slept in a tent. What can I say? For someone who grew up in the Netherlands this is kind of unacceptable as it’s a national thing and pretty much everyone I know has been out camping during summer holidays. It’s not that I feel too good for a bit of camping, it’s just that I don’t like the idea of having to set up a tent and sleeping on a thin mattress so I like to keep that for festivals. But with the rise of glamping my interest has risen and I may be the newest convert to the art of glamping.

Yelloh! Village has been THE benchmark in top-of-the-range camping for over a decade and they have more than 65 worthwhile destinations across France, Spain and Portugal.

Another thing that might come in handy is that Yelloh! Village have multi-lingual, friendly staff to make you feel welcome without having to worry about having to ‘Omelette du Fromage‘ your way through the holiday.

Instead of the standard campsite, their locations are more like open air villages and here are four of them I definitely wouldn’t mind staying at and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t say no to either:

tree house

Forget land and aim for high in the air! Yep, my first glamping adventure should be up in a treehouse type of accommodation where I can re-live the childhood dream of the Jungle Book or Tarzan, though I won’t be doing any sing-along-songs – or will I?

  vintage caravan Or this 60s retro mobile home? I’ve always wanted to climb one of these for a road trip. But this seems even better as you don’t have to park it yourself! And it has a bathroom so no endless queues and running across the cold site at night.

yurt If Mongolia is too far for you, then try a yurt in France. These yurts do look good: Mongolian on the outside, but all the Western luxury on the inside, and a bit closer to civilisation.

house boat House boats are pretty common in Amsterdam, but I would like to be at helm in one that’s in a quieter place for a more relaxing stationary voyage.

In partnership with Yelloh! Village

5 thoughts on “Glamping with Yelloh! Village

  1. Jaime

    I’ve never camped before either! I’m tempted to “glamp” though … still not sure it’d win me over, but it’s worth a try! Some of these options look utterly amazing.

  2. Marie

    Don’t worry – I’ve never been camping either. And people give me evils when I tell them, haha. Loving all of these options though, would love to stay in a houseboat! And a yurt (only in actual Mongolia)!

  3. Tinuke

    Amazing places! I haven’t camped since secondary school but I’ve put glamping on my wish list of experiences for the next 12 months. I think this is a definite contender.


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