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Blogger’s Tips for your Paris Getaway

paris parijs

A while ago, when I shared my Yes/No/Maybes for Paris, I asked your tips, tricks and recommendations for enjoying the French capital. I didn’t want them to go to waste so today I’m sharing them as they might come in handy for your next trip to the city of love, lights and getting pick-pocketed as soon as you arrive at Gare du Nord or Charles de Gaulle.

paris parijs

Lin // from DailyLin
I am a big fan of French cuisine and i would love to recommend Frenchie bar a vin, le comptoir, clamato and Le Hide.

Alison // Ergens Onderweg
When you are at the Sacre Coeur and you see men walking towards you with bracelets, run. Because they will take your arm and put the bracelet on and the moment it’s on there, they will make you pay for it. I’ve had a warning about that when I went and I was glad I did, because I’ve almost had a bracelet around my arm. But I’ve ran away, they looked a bit confused though :D.

Ashling // All Things Nice
I like Sainte Chapelle, the stained glass is beautiful…

Sonja // My Delightful Spots
The best time to discover this city is late night or midnight. Time to take pictures and to wander while most of the other tourists are already in bed

Geeske // Letting the Fairy Tales into Your Life
Have you ever had a cup of hot chocolate at the Angelina (Rue de Rivoli). You totally should, it is sinfully delicious! It’s almost pure chocolate and you won’t need a meal for the rest of the day, but it is totally worth it! That’s my little tip

Roisin // Life of an Art Historian
I definitely recommend Printemps Shopping as well as Galeries Lafayette for amazing views. If you have the will power to wait in the queue (sometimes not too bad, but be warned they’re very long in the summer), I would also suggest going up the tower to the top of Notre-Dame. There you have stunning views of the city.

Julia // Julia Speaks Beauty
I also really like the Jardin des Plantes (7e arrondissement), which is really pretty especially during the summer and surrounded by beautiful buildings. Also if you know French, maybe you could get a ticket for the Comédie Française and watch one of their plays. This theatre has got some of the best stage actors and is such a beautiful place to enjoy a good play

Kate // My Transformation Into a Social Butterfly
For me, the more valuable experience surrounding the Eiffel Tower was not going up the tower itself (gorgeous views but more people than Superbowl Sunday at your local bar) but rather eating the most decadent meal of your life at Jules Verne, inside la Tour. You get gorgeous views, and even better food! Just…..prepare your checkbook if you want to dine there (oh, and you have to book at least 3 months in advance or something)–world famous views and food don’t come cheap!

3 thoughts on “Blogger’s Tips for your Paris Getaway

  1. Eva - eighty7

    Nice tips! I’ll add one here; buy a doner kebab and eat it next to the louvre while sitting in the sun 😉

  2. Bethany Grace

    YES I WILL FOLLOW ALL OF THESE! I am supposed to be going to paris in a few months, and this has got me even more excited!
    Hope you’ve had a great Wednesday,
    Bethany x

    Do pop over to my blog, if you fancy of course, and tell me what you think!


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