Starfield Landmarks: Real Life Locations

I’m always on the lookout for how video games portray or are inspired by real life locations, be it in games like Call of Duty, Death Stranding and even The Witcher 3. So, when by chance, I discovered you could visit famous ‘Earth’ landmarks in the latest blockbuster action-adventure Starfield, I could not get in my spaceship fast enough. What cities would they cover? What landmarks would they choose for the cities? And how well did their models compare to the real thing with my photos?

As a big fan of Charles Dickens, I stumbled across a couple of his books, gave them a read, and when I turned the page on Oliver Twist – the game gave me an objective and map marker to visit ‘The London Landmark’. What could it be…Big Ben? Tower Bridge? Sketch? What iconic structure could have survived the Earth Apocalypse and the centuries from now until 2330?

London Landmark

Well, when the dust settled and I trekked over in my space suit, lo and behold, it was The Shard! Sadly the building wasn’t accessible, so I couldn’t go revisit The View from The Shard for another view, but seeing it in all its glory was quite the sight. Of course, it’s a bit different now, especially considering the fact it’s the only thing in the city left. On top of actually seeing the Shard itself, there was the little added bonus of a tiny London snow globe to collect too. Adorable.

It was then I made it my goal to track down the other clues to Earth landmarks. Screw the story, quests and other world-ending drama! I have more important things to do.

New York City Landmark

Next up, The New York City Landmark. Would it be the Statue of Liberty? The Chrysler, Flatiron or One World Trade Center? Nope, it was the art deco glory that is the Empire State Building! As with the London counterpart, it kinda looks rather lonely all by itself, and maybe it even works better as part of the NYC skyline, but it doesn’t matter, I enjoyed the journey there.

LA Landmark

Then it was a trip to the West Coast to find what wonders Los Angeles had in store for me and my companion on our interstellar travels. Hollywood Sign? Griffith Park Observatory? The Capitol Records Building? Wrong, wrong, wrong. It was the…U.S. Bank Tower. Hmm, not the greatest and most popular landmark in LA to be sure, but you might recognise it from a general establishing skyline shot of Los Angeles in various films and TV shows if you were paying close attention.

Other Landmarks

As I soon discovered, it turned out it was a bit more complicated to find the books needed to track down some of the other Earth Landmarks, but I’m extra excited to land at the Pyramids (Cairo), Gateway Arch (Saint Louis), Shanghai Tower (Shanghai Landmark), The International Commerce Center (Hong Kong), Abeno Harukas (Osaka Landmark), Burj Khalifa (Dubai) and NASA Launch Tower (Cape Canaveral). I can’t wait to find out…

All Earth Landmarks & How To Unlock Them

London Landmark – Read ‘Oliver Twist’ book. Found in Sinclair’s Bookshop in Akila City (Akila, Cheyenne System)

Cairo Landmark – Read ‘The Ancient Civilization of Egypt’ book. Found in Sinclair’s Bookshop in Akila City (Akila, Cheyenne System)

New York Landmark – Read ‘Our Lost Heritage’ book. Found in President Abello’s Office in the MAST Building in New Atlantis (Jemiso, Alpha Centauri System).

Los Angeles Landmark – Read ‘Hope Family Tree’ book. Found in Ron Hope’s Desk in Hopetown (Povlo, Valo System).

Saint Louis Landmark – Read ‘The Price of Destiny’ book. Found in Benjamin Bayu’s penthouse in Neon (Volii Alpha, Volii System), and requires a key from Booth 4 in Astral Lounge’s VIP Area.

Shanghai Landmark – Read ‘Essentials of Modern Macroeconomics’ book. Found in the classroom on the upper floor of the Unidentified Ship in Porimma II (Porrima System).

Hong Kong Landmark – Read ‘Maurice Lyon’s Journal’. Found on a metal shelf in the museum in New Homestead (Titan, Sol System).

Osaka Landmark – Read ‘Diary of Kyosuke Nagata’. Found in Delgado’s Quarters in The Key base in the Kryx System, after joining the Crimson Fleet and completing the Deep Cover mission.

Dubai Landmark – Read ‘Race to the Heavens’ book. Found in Larry Dumbrosky’s suite on Siren of the Stars luxury liner, during the ‘Breaking the Bank’ faction quest

NASA Launch Tower – Location is found during the ‘Unearthed’ main story mission in Cape Canaveral.

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