Cuba: A Reason To Visit Every Month Of The Year

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset need an excuse to visit Cuba? Here are 12 – one reason to visit every month of the year. Who is coming along?


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  1. Tea, I am curious – did you do this presentation yourself? I mean – the layout and pictures and everything? It looks very cool!! Which software did you use? Thanks!

  2. First I’d like to say I am extremely impressed with the graphics you made for this post. Second, it has inspired me to move Cuba further up on my must places to visit.

  3. Looks amazing! Everyone I know who had been says it is an incredible place.

    Julia xo

  4. Cuba must be enthralling and we have to hurry – they are opening up to the rest of the World and it might ruing the old style look and feel. I hope I get there as soon as possible.

  5. Ooh I never knew how beautiful Cuba was! I want to live there for a year! Ugh, thanks a lot 😉