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Friday, Five Elsewhere

30th April 2015

1. I loved coming up with the Would You Rather: Travel Edition post and also discovering what others wrote about their own travel dilemmas. So far Sarah from Sarah Sees the World, Mira from Books and Mararons and Anjali from From L&P to English Tea have shared theirs. Make sure to check them out.
2. I always find it surprising that there are not a lot of New Orleans posts out there to feed my online wanderlust. This is a massive internet fail, but for the moment The Shut Up and Go and Jo’s post is a must-share.
3. Kelly from Endlessly Exploring posted a realistic How To Save Money To Travel The World article that everyone who aspires to go out and travel should read. It’s concise, easy to read, but also achievable – so go learn how to save those pounds, dollars, euros or whatever currency resides in your wallet or bank account.
4. I came across this chopstick etiquette post and really wish I seen it before going to Japan. SORRY JAPAN! I must hang my head in shame…I think I broke all of the rules and confirmed that horrible cliché that ‘Western’ people don’t care about culture.
5. And last but not least … it’s a video of baby goats meeting the barn chicken for the first time. This will for sure get you through to Friday. I apologise internet – you may be rubbish with NoLa posts, but on cute animals, you’re the best.
What are your plans for the (Bank Holiday) Weekend?


Wanderlist: Countries I Want To Visit in Asia

29th April 2015

Since my recent trip to Japan I’ve found a new love for Asia and I am really curious about what else the continent has to offer. This is my wanderlist: read more

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Beat That with Beat My Price

28th April 2015

Beat My Price


Just before leaving for Japan, I felt like I needed a tablet because you know, I could finally read those books I’ve been wanting to for ages! As I was still saving for the trip, instead of blindly ordering one from my usual place I did a quick check with Beat My Price. read more


quirky & unusual cafes around the world

25th April 2015


One of my favourite parts of travelling is sitting down in a cafe, having a drink or light bite, and watching things and people go by (well, at least I look at those who aren’t glued to their phone). I think the ‘age of the cafe’ is upon us – not one day doesn’t go by without a new unique and quirky cafe appearing that must be visited. read more

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Glamping with Yelloh! Village

23rd April 2015



Confession time… I’ve never been on a camping trip. I know, I’m a monster. And…apart from a few festivals, I’ve never slept in a tent. What can I say? For someone who grew up in the Netherlands this is kind of unacceptable as it’s a national thing and pretty much everyone I know has been out camping during summer holidays. It’s not that I feel too good for a bit of camping, it’s just that I don’t like the idea of having to set up a tent and sleeping on a thin mattress so I like to keep that for festivals. But with the rise of glamping my interest has risen and I may be the newest convert to the art of glamping. read more